Taupō, second day off (25km)

Today today… what can I do… there is different things to do and visit but it’s difficult to find the motivation with all this clouds above my head. I write always about the weather but since about two weeks it’s like this grrr! I WANT SUNNY AND WARM DAYS!

Because of these bloody clouds I stayed maybe 3 or 4 hours in the library to make my plan, prepare my questions for the information centre and recharge my tablet’s battery. I would like to go to Turangi, on the south part of the lake because there is a famous one day trek between to big volcanoes : Tongariro (1967m) and Ngauruhoe (2291m). These two volcanoes are in “the lord of the Ring” movie (l took a picture the first day when I arrived in Taupō). Actually there is still snow and the weather is not with me. If I want to do now, I should pay a guide and have specific snow equipment. I don’t want to be in danger but I will do it in 7 month if the weather is better. They said it’s one of the tenth best trek in the world!! How can I leave New Zealand without doing this?!

So finally I’m out but bouaah! It’s grey everywhere! And where are the wonderful volcanoes? Hein? Behind the heavy “purée” for sure!

The port and the beginning of Huka falls river.

I’m now in the city centre. The streets are quite the same as the others town but there is much space here.

I found these graphs around. Good style and better than grey…

I’m continuing cycling with no preside goal. I’m still in the centre something like 200m far from the main shopping avenue. The streets re empty and so large.

“Le chalet suisse”. It’s very far from the original country :-)

On the other side, a park. Or maybe just a peace of grass in the city.

200m more and… always this large view and nobody outside.

I’m getting closer to the lake. The woman of the information centre told me that there is a track along the lake. It’s not the perfect day to do it but I have nothing to do.

All along the lake the hotels are waiting for the touristic season.

Ah, I think this is the famous track. Here we go :-)

Almost all these places are empty but…

… different subject but… this little river looks like hot. Ah yes it is :-). Cool!

Aaaah! That’s so marvellous! All this grey everywhere…

I don’t know why I took this picture… and even why I keep it and put here… nothing special like this text… but I’ll remember it :-)

Always theses big empty hotels. A bit boring isn’t it?

Maybe I should go to the cinema. It’s a perfect day for that :-) before I can come back to the centre by the top. Certainly rich people live here when I see the size of every houses.

I like this one :-)

Finally come back to the main road but I have no idea where the cinema is. I’ve been to the address indicate by my phone but it was an empty building. Maybe there is no cinema any more. What can I do now? By some food, that a good idea :-) OK, food is OK and now? No, I have to come back to my tent because I’m sure I’m going to spend my dollars for nothing if I stay here. See ya!

2 thoughts on “Taupō, second day off (25km)

  1. Poor Damdam! All is grey… and green! A few weeks only to wait and see the sun shining! The spring in NZ is like on the French riviera… raining! I prefer automn. We went to the beach yesterday, but I’m not simming, Gilles only.
    The photographies are beautiful, but the little town seem “ghost town”. It’s so empty! Without cinema… I die!! lol! What films in cinema in NZ ? American? French? Italian?
    Big kiss

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