Sydney > Queensland, Driving trip, second day


18 hours later… we started driving yesterday around 2pm.  It’s now 8:30am and we did not reach the delivery point yet. Colin reserved a room here so we could have a sleep on our way back because we won’t have to rush this time. We have about 5 hours more driving to reach the mine and deliver the equipment they need. Why by car?

  • because it’s too big to be in a plane.
  • because their security process would take so much time
  • and because there is no airport next to the mine so they will have to transport it by car anyway.


Let’s go! tonight we will have a real meal around a table because until now we ate take away and stopped only to go to the bathroom (as they say in Australia ;-)


The room is now reserved and we started driving again.


Australia’s country side.


We approaching the mining area.


This is it! This hill is created with the huge amount of rocks that the trucks, cranes and other giant structure extract from the ground.


A part of the structure. Not the best view…


Ok, we are now ready to deliver. We must wear safety gear and the staff could even ask us for drug test, alcohol test and other things. This is serious.

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