Queensland > Sydney, Driving Trip, last day


This is the last day. We deliver on time and had 7 hours sleep at the hotel. We are now driving back home :-) In this field is growing cotton. The harvest season started few days or weeks ago.


On our way back we can take a bit more time and Colin proposed to have a break and have a look to the gorges. Looks like blue Mountain ;-)


Wide view.


It’s the first time I see coton field.


And I don’t know if this one was already harvested or not because it looks like a machine passed through already.


hmmm, maybe not, There is still a lot on the “trees”.

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  1. Pour un peu on se croirait à l’époque de l’esclavage et d’Autant en emporte le vent. Si tu vois Scarlett O’Hara ou Rett Butler dis le moi ! Lol

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