Somewhere > Mt Molloy free camp site (50km, 3h15)

As everytime, more I am in a place lost in a middle of nowhere and more I sleep well. There is only one road so the traffic is really quiet during the night. The wind is not really strong now, it’s fine. I have “only” 50km to do and I will get tumor the free campsite and enjoy a free cold shower, nice :-)


So I start where I stopped yesterday naturally by a long straight road.

Since a couple of days now I can observe that along the road there is often some burnt parts of land. I don’t get it but it could be to :

  1. Prevent bush fire
  2. Afroad animals
  3. Create compost to help plants growing
  4. Expend a good smell around…
  5. I do not know…

I’m coming to the next roadhouse (Mt Carbine) where, this time, I hope I will find some food to buy.

If I can’t I won’t stop in Mt Molloy for a day.

Nice colours :-D

Aaah, there is some food here :-) and French food!

Is it a specialty In France?

I’m looking for the toilets.

Not those ones…

Ah that’s the place :-)

Then I bought my food and I spent 27$ for just few things like : 1 onion, 3 carrots, 1 corn tin can, 1,5 litres of Coca-cola and packet of CocoPops cereals. This is expensive and I think every road house are the same because there is usually nothing more around. I will have to take care about my budget.
During I’m having a break, the rain started so I’m waiting a bit, reading my book, eating my cereals and drinking my coca-cola.

It’s time to continue riding!

25 km later I found the campsite. It’s really easy because it’s situated right along the road. There is plenty of caravan but because I’m small I should find a place easily, no worries

Larger view. Let’s unpack my stuff and take a shower! By!

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  1. Je crois tout simplement que les feux de forêt dévorent l’Australie comme la Corse, ou la Côte d’Azur l’été quand il fait trop chaud. Ils ont eu des feux monstrueux il y a un an ou deux, et tu viens d’en voir des stigmates ! Possibilité n° 6 ! Bisous

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