Lookout Byerstown Range > somewhere (90km, 5h20)

Hey, I had a good night in this place surrounded by Cow poo :-) Today I know I will certainly must fight the wind again but I don’t have any choice. And I hop today I will enjoy some downhill because tomorrow I felt like I was going only uphill… it’s okay but sometimes go down it’s nice :-) I’m going to see that :-)


I thought I was on the top because it was a lookout but no way! I had to struggle a bit more to reach the top and I’m going now to enjoy a small downhill. Just having a break enjoying the view :-)

Palmer river road house. I’m expecting to buy some food because I’m almost empty.

Well the place it’s nice, OK, but no food at all. Only some expensive chips or snacks.

About on hour later I have another break. It’s quite hot now and it’s difficult to find shadows along the road. This long truck stopped for a while and two guys verified if the cows inside was doing well. Apparently not everybody because one of the guy climbed to the top to push some cows apparently on the wrong side.

I’m reaching the second lookout of the day. Maybe I will stay around for the night.

This is different than NZ. When I watching this kind of landscape I know I’m not in NZ anymore.

Wouhaaa this is nice!

And this is the lookout. Hmm, it will be difficult to sleep here I think…

At minimum, I can enjoy the landscape.

People did some graffiti all around the place.

The view.

Closer look.

The downhill was great and I’m now fighting the wind again. I will stop soon I think.

That’s it for today. I hope tomorrow morning the wind will be less strong because it’s annoying me. Fortunately tomorrow I’m not going to ride a long time. As Ilja, the German violinist maker told me, there is free campsite in Mt Molloy. I will take certainly one day off there. Now it’s cooking and sleeping time. By :-D

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