Smithfield, Mountain bike with Martin and Marco

Hooo! This is a BIG spider with its baby! It’s standing in a palm tree right next to the main door of Martin and Yoko’s house. The size with the legs is like 10 cm wide! Apparently it’s not a dangerous one but I hope it won’t come in my tent… brr! OK let’s change the subject. Today I’m coming with Martin and Marco to a downhill track. I expect to do this since more than 15 years maybe and finally now, in Australia, Cairns, it’s going to happens! I will enjoy that :-)

This is Martin :-)

And we are now at the bottom of a track. There is a jump and we are going to have a few jumps to get warm. With the blue T-shirt it’s Marco.

Marco is going to jump during I’m thinking about doing it or not. At least I want to see how is he doing and then I will try.

By picture it seems I’m a pro hhaha ;-)

Riding down and walking up… Henry a Marco’s friend is riding as well :-)

This time we are going to the top of the track pushing our bikes again…

Marco jumping! I won’t try that!

Marco’s jump in live!

First downhill

Third Downhill

Fith downhill with Marco

The downhill was cool! And I can jump the last bump.

Good sensations!

Marco is going much more higher than me of course but he has experience! This is a good experience for me today. Thank you Martin :-)

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