Cairns, meeting Josh, Martin, Yoko and Marco

Hey, yesterday night I’ve found a good place to set my tent. It was on an edge of a sports field at the end if the Esplanade cycleway. I woke up early to make sure nobody can see me and I’m now having a good breakfast front if this nice sunrise :-)

I’m visiting Cairns again turning around. The weather is not really stable and it rained quite a lot few minutes ago. This place is the city center with many restaurants around, bus terminal, shop etc…

Then I’ve been to a guitar shop to buy a new capo and some pics. I went out to take my bike and I was looking for a cycle shop on my mobile when a man came to me : Martin :-) This guy is interested about bicycle and he put an electric engine on his bike. Later we went in a café next to the guitar shop, I met Josh, a nice guy too. They work together.

Then when I said I was web designer Martin told me that they needs a website. He propose me a bed against a job. Why not :-D It’s a long time I’ve struggle to make website and after one year it’s good for me to see if I forgot everything or not :-)

So we rode back with Martin to his place. I met Yoko his wife and Marco there son. Martin set up a tent for me next to the house in their garden so I have a place for me and even a bed :-)

Good night!

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