Ruatōria, visit around

Today I’m going to plan my trip to the mount Hikurangi for tomorrow. I’m going to start one night in the hut :-) . Maila will bring me to the bottom before her work. She also recommend to visit the forest next to the city where we have a beautiful view from the top. So, that’s my plan for today :-)

I’m not sure but that’s the kind of mountain where I’m going to climb tomorrow. We needs 6h30 to reach the hut and 1h30 more to reach the summit. And I was wrong about the East Cape because the first place to see the sunrise is onto the top to that mountain, the highest point of the region.

I asked to Maila if I could ride here but she recommend to go by walk. When I see that track it’s like it’s OK. I can try at least for the beginning :-)

It’s going up but it’s still possible to ride. And without my trailer I feel so lite! My legs move themselves :-)

The decoration is a bit different here :-)

Ah, the top is not so far away I think.

That’s the east coast view! I’m in the field with goats and sheep and naturally they are afroad and run away… I didn’t have the time t take a picture.

Later, another goats’ group passed down to the hill front of me. Now they are escaping quickly after they have seen me. The little black one is jumping down on the hill.

I have continued the track to see the other side, Ruatoria and behind the mountains where I should go tomorrow.

Heu no, these mountains :-)

Later in the afternoon, I was repairing the multi punctures of Ramairo’s bike during he was playing “bataille corse” with his sister. I wanted to show him how to repair efficaciously an air chamber but cards are more interesting. No worries, I like doing that :-)
Suddenly, three big shiny cars arrived and 10 or 15 persons was there! Wouhoo! 4 adults and cousins everywhere. On man say me hello and did the “hoki” to me but I didn’t respond because I was surprise. The “hoki” is the way to say hello for Maoris. We touch nose together looking in the eyes if I understand. Haha, next time, I will be ready :-)

The family stayed 20min maybe and then went toward Hicks bay for little holidays. They live in Gisborne.

For dinner, Maila received a friends couple with their daughter. They are really cool and I had a good time. And the food was hummm! So good :-). I ate too much and it will be difficult tomorrow to wake up t 5:30am to reach Hikurangi mountain.

Like in other countries, names in Maori have a meaning. John explained to me how they choose the name of their last daughter : Ngawhetuoteatatu. I’m trying to remember all…
In Maoris legends, the mother is the earth and the father the sky.
John is come from Rotorua and here, in the East coast of north island, he is considered like me, a stranger. He has 7 children with his wife and for the last one (i don’t know for the others) they decided to choose a Maori name that suits with their origins and the region where they live now.
Other part, the main tribute here is call Ngati Porou (I don’t know what does that means) so, that’s why her name starts with “Nga”.
Ngawhetuoteatatu means “stars of the morning”, a wonderful name. The last thing I remember : to find this name, they chose it before in English and then translate in Maori because if they did it directly in Maori, it could means nothing special.
Fiou! It’s very different than Europe!

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