East Cape > Ruatōria (67km, 4h25)

5:50am, my alarm is ringing because I want to see the sunrise this morning and take the best pictures I can. I will be the first (with some islands like Fiji) to see the first light of the sun today. It’s not happening everywhere in the world and I want to see that! Hurry up the sun won’t wait for me and there is 700 steps between me and the top!


Ouf! I’m not late!! And the lighthouse is still here :-)

I’m ready :-)

Ouhaaa… that’s the beginning of something wonderful. I don’t remember if I’ve already seen a sunrise coming from the see in my life but this one should be marvellous. Now shuuuut and watch :-)

It’s coming (whispering) shuuuut!

Pinky, reddy, orangy, smooth morning colours :-)

Stay here, it’s not finished!

I’m not moving! So wouhaaa.

Toward the south.

From where I came yesterday.

The lighthouse see that everyday.

The morning colours are really good to catch colours.

Zen picture :-)

Grass style for Max :-)

There is no transition sorry…:-) I’ve packed all my stuff and I’m now on my way back to Te Araroa but I have a little problem… there group of cows on the middle of the road pushing by their master and afroad by me. I should try to hide myself…


In live!

Come back to the city :-). I didn’t see this panels last time.

With a closer look I can see I’m 1300km far from bluff, the last city of south island. The same city I’m heading :-)

That the perfect spot for skaters! Skate front of the see!

I’m now going up and up. The altitude here is 192m and i’m not on the top. Tikitiki will be my next stop in 20km.

222m is the top! And 26° is the temperature. That’s a great journey :-)

Spring is coming and flowers are growing.

That’s Tikitiki centre :-)

And the park, a perfect place the have a break…

… and eat something :-)

I’m now in a big valley along the Waiapou river. And the temperature reach 28.5°.

This road is hilly but more fresh, that’s better because it’s getting warm! So good!

I’m passing up to Waiapu river to reach Ruatoria soon. Maybe 5km more maximum.

I do not know what was that building for. Mining?

Ruatoria :-) the biggest city since Opotiki.

The city where the grass grows everywhere even onto buildings :-)

I’m buying some food in “4 four square” alimentation shop. I must take a picture because I’m really surprise of the prices here. Many products are cheaper than all the over shops I’ve seen even in the big cities. That’s great! During I’m shopping, a little girl, maybe 13 years old, pass and says “Hello”. I respond naturally “Ola, que tal, donde esta la playa?” No… my answer was simply “Hello” :-). (They are polite here :-) I was trying to keep all my articles in my arms when she came back with something useful. “Do you want a basket?” Ah yes, that’s a good idea, thank you :-)” (They are cool here :-) Then I asked something I was looking for to a woman who is working here and the little girl was next to her. They are certainly the mom and her daughter. Hey, I’m intelligent, am I? :-) Then, I paid and reached my bike with my bags when the same woman came behind me and said : “are you looking for a place to stay for tonight because if you want I can come in my house”.
Me : “ha, heu, yes, heu… I was wondering if I will continue cycling or not today but yes, why not if you invite me :-)
Maila, lives not far to the city centre with her children : Kaila and Ramai.

So, here we are :-). We walked 5 min to reach this lovely place :-)
It’s not the first time she invite foreign people. They like it because they learn something new or different. That’s cool :-)

That’s their house :-)

My bike is safe as well :-)

They even have a pool and one bicycle to repair :-) a wwoof job?

A cute little garden.

And a good place where I can stay to write and enjoy :-) Later Maila’s cousin came with his daughter and grand children. We discussed outside quietly around a cup of tea. A good afternoon. The main thing is “help yourself” :-) for the second time in four month, I will sleep in a bed! Whouaa :-)

5 thoughts on “East Cape > Ruatōria (67km, 4h25)

  1. My prefered is the photography number 16. The sunrise with vegetation in front of.
    People are very confident in NZ! That’s true you are not a face of crazy man, but in France I don’t know if strangers are received so well!

  2. Perhaps, in the south of France, people are more pleasant. It’s the reason I want to live the low later …soon, I hope !

  3. waouhouuuu c’est incroyable ce levé de soleil !!!!!

    sur la photo avec la banane tu me fais penser à un petit chinois :-)

  4. c’est magnifique. nous pouvons rêver avec toi de ces lointains horizons. tu es le roi de la photo et des sensations que tu nous fait partager
    pour ne pas confondre avec ta cousine
    bonne continuation

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