Rawene > Opononi (39km, 2h30)

Today I will traveling almost only along the harbour coast. It not a long trip but I need keeping my energy for tomorrow, waipoua forest. I’ve seen in the Rawene camp’s kitchen a place where we can see enormous stones balls : kouru boulders. It’s seems to be interesting and free :-). Let’s go!

At first, I want to buy some cereals bars in the center and take more pictures of the place like the cafe…

… And a typically colonial house. Actually the tide is low and it’s better to visit the place I want so I need moving.

That’s certainly the mountains of the waipoua forest. I’m afroad about that because it’s like 400m height and I remember the time when I was going to Pakiri, I had reach 280m, something like this and I was totally death… I really need to keep my energy.

But how can I keep my energy if I have to ride this! haha.

After the big slope I’ve seen the boulders panel. I followed the signs and here I am :-) in a “cul de sac” rah! Good view but no boulders…

Ok come back to find another way.

I left my bike on the top and try to find the way. The advert said that we have to walk along the coast by low tide and farther we go bigger the boulders are. Now I can’t see anything even if I look far along the beach. I can continue but I don’t want to leave my bike alone so a long time.

Ok, I’m definitely not no the right place. It’s getting really muddy and I don’t see box interesting thing. I’m go back. Maybe I’ve turn too early but it’s the opposite way of my goal and I don’t want to ride 50km today.

I’m reaching Opononi and the landscape became nicer and nicer every metres.

All the picnic place are wonderful! And this sand dune is so huge! Fiou!

So many colours!

I love this road :-). I was having a break to eat front of this marvellous landscape when karl came suddenly toward me! I’ve met him and his friend when I was coming back from Cap Reinga. At this time, he was going there. And finally he join of today. He is very fast! His friend is going to find a camp for tonight so I decide to join them. That’s cool :-). Finally the camp was already behind us, at the beginning of Opononi, but we’ve stopped front of a “scenery lookout” panel and I decide to visit this place before joining karl and his friend. And I discover that! Wouhaou!

Opononi is just behind me :-). I’m on the entrance of this natural harbour where the Tasman see become quiet.

To many pictures to take:-)

Aaaah! So good!

The perfect place to do some stretching and be ready for tomorrow :-)

5 thoughts on “Rawene > Opononi (39km, 2h30)

  1. I didn’t find the bloody boulders… I was to tired to continue to search. The landscape, in real, it’s 100 times better. I will search how to stick pictures with gimp to show you the wiiiide pictures.

  2. Do you prepar Olmpic’s games ? I like when you stage. I laugh alone on my sofa. It’s funny !
    The country is very green, and the sea is very blue, but it is cold … all the moment ! The spring arrive quickly, and autumn for us !
    It’s raining today, we seems New Zeland !
    Kiss Damdam

  3. pfiouuuuu.. quand je vois le temps de merde qu’on se tape à Paris ..ça me débecqued ( je ne sais pas comment ça s’écrit tiens! ça doit encore être une expression de chez nous qu’on ne trouve pas dans le dico ..)
    je t’envies avec tous ces paysages à couper le souffle !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! va falloir que tu entraines ton cerveau à mémoriser toutes ces images plus belles les unes que les autres !!! ;D

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