Haipara > Rawene (74km, 5h40)

Today I’ll go along the coast at the morning, and then through the campaign and finish next to natural harbour to take a ferry for the first time in NZ.

To start well my tent is like every time no the shadow… I will have to dry it like every morning grr!

There is a wonderful sun now, it’s time to move quickly!

I hope I won’t have to ride no the top…

A tour of the city:-) there is almost all the people need in one road.

After 5 minutes, there is already a place where I can stop. The beach is huge like always.

If the see was warmer I should have a swim for 5 minutes and continue my trip
:-) but it’s not… Next time!

Some flowers pictures. Many colours.

I’m continuing along the coast without knowing it’s the wrong way. I’m spending my energy for nothing, almost… Fortunately the view is great.

I’m now in the country side and I discover a horse no the wrong side of the fence. Like most of the animals it’s afraid by me and try to find his way back. I don’t know how to help him so I hope his master is somewhere around. Sorry horse :-S.

The landscape, green and blue :-).

Some pigs have a good time. Apparently there is two places : the garden and the mud bath.

Ah, there is a deal here. My phone indicate me to turn right but this way seems to be difficult and full of gravels. The normal road seems too normal… Ok, google win, I will see.

Arf! That’s an hard way and until now it was always going up. I’m glad to have a trailer because I don’t want to imagine how it should be with luggages no the bike.

Am I making so much noise for you two? Sorry…

Where am I going? I’m really in the middle of nowhere.

Cool! Apparently, some humans live here :-) or not. This letter box use to be tree maybe…

Aaah! After 20km off road I reach the main road and I can see the harbour. The ferry is not far away. I think I’ve took a short cut but most difficult than the normal way. That was nice :-).

Here I am :-)! But where is the ferry?

Okay it’s coming at 5pm. I have 20min to enjoy and eat something.

The first way onto the see :-).

It’s not like in the metro : People can’t embark before the others go out of the boat. So, we are kind, in line and wait :-).

That’s a good break after all that kilometres.

We are going just between the rain…

After 10 minutes, we arrived no the other side of the harbour. I’m getting cold . I need moving!

The city is very cute here. Rawene used to be an important Kauri exchange port. But kiwis cut almost all of them. The last kauris are now protected.

They certainly have a good view.

5.30pm, I arrived in my hotel :-)

The cabins looks funny.

I need to set up my tent soon. The sun will disappear in 20min maybe.

The view from the kitchen (no the right) is very good but I will cool during the night…

Wonderful colours nothing else.

After a good meal, it’s the perfect way to finish a journey : Timtam! I’ve discovered these in Australia and it’s so so sO SO delicious! It’s really difficult not to eat all the packet when it’s open. Come on! Resist! Ok the last one. Oh it’s only three… Ok I’ll keep two for tomorrow. Or one is okay… Yes but if I finish it now I could put the plastic packet in the bean so I will have less weight to carry. Good idea :-).

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  1. I have two photographs I prefer. This with alone house with view sea, and this with the reflection sun on the sea, and splendid colours. I understood you like tim tam a lot, but what is it the funny yellow sauce behind it ? I’ll want not eat that !!! Is it butter ?

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