Hukatere > Haipara (49km, 2h30)

Aaaah 7.35am, the sun is knocking on my tent and I feel like I’m in an oven. So, it’s time to wake up. Rah! Bloody sleeping bag! Open yourself NOW I feel so warm! Ouf! finally outside! Okay, let’s think a minute. If I want riding on the beach I have to wait until 1pm but it’s too late if I want to join Peter today. Hmhm, maybe I can go now! I have… 2 hours, the ocean is coming up so I have to hurry! I’ll eat on the way:-) I’ve never been as fast as today to pack all my stuff:-). 15min later and okay! Let’s ride on the beach!! 16km to join “ninety mile beach” camp. I’m really lucky because, this morning, there is no wind. The sand is quite hard and my fresh speed reach 25km/h cool :-). But after a few kilometers I’m getting tired a bit and I remark that my three wheels make only one shape. It’s means that the second wheel goes deeper than the front one and that’s worst for the trailer’s wheel. Solution : curving :-) If I move slightly like a snake, every wheels will make their own mark and it should be easier to ride. Ah yes it works more than I was experted :-). I never ride no a beach and it’s a great experience. Thanks new zealand :-). Almost one hour later, I arrive to the camp and peter is still preparing himself and his bike. I warm now and I don’t want to wait for him. He doesn’t seams to want to be fast so I can go. Like every time he will join me later on the road. To go to Haipara, I need to pass through Kaitaia. It’s the same road I’ve took before and it’s not so interesting. Arrived to Kaitaia, I need to eat something, go to the bank and find an internet access to put all my last pictures. 2h30 later I going toward Haipara. That’s a little village front of the Tasman see and the camp is quite good.

That’s the reception.

The entrance with tv, internet and pingpong table. It’s remained me Kerikeri now but without anybody.

The kitchen looks like an home kitchen and all the cooking accessoiries are available, that’s great because I going to cool for the next four day tonight :-).

I like this message :-). Maybe not really fun for everybody…

And finally the place to make bbq and the toilet no the right. See you tomorrow! I have to clean entirely my bike now because of the sand…

5 thoughts on “Hukatere > Haipara (49km, 2h30)

  1. Hello Damien,

    So How was your weekend ? Woaouh, this beach is really impressive. This is interesting that you can ride on it. Because, it usually so hard to ride in sand !! Oh the beautiful kitchen ! You’re going to cook like a chef ! And I like the notice :).
    We think about you :) and are happy that your dreamed travel is getting real ! Have fun !


  2. hey damien!! je vois que tes en pleins forme,et ton voyage est genial! tes photos sont tres bien prises et elles sont tres jolies!
    good luck man!

  3. Hello Damdam !
    “your mother does not live here”… No Regrettably ! I’ll like to come for a trip in Haipira for my holidays, but not for to do the housework !

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