Tapotupotu Bay > Hukatere (84km, 6h)

Today is the first day I travel towards south :-). But there is a little place in my mind where I feel sad. It’s strange but I’m really motivated to come back today to the ninety mile beach camp which is between 90 and 100km far. And I WANT to ride on the beach this time because, with Peter, we took only the main road on the way north. It’s 9.30am already, I’m ready to go, peter is not. I’m going anyway because he is always faster than me :-)

I had one break after the fist 20km where I met other travellers like me. They are kiwis and really cool :-) We made a rendez-vous in the south of the south island because they are travelling on the other direction. At 48km, I have now a second break at Te Kao. It’s time to eat something and wait for Peter. I’m really surprise that he is not here yet. I might improve myself maybe :-)

Motivation, motivation! I have to thanks all the cows for encouraging me:-).

Nice and flat piece of road.

Ahaaah! I recognise this hill, that’s Houhura Heads :-). Around 65km now. I’m getting closer and closer to the road which will guide me to the beach. I want to ride the last 20km on it:-).

71km and I turned to the right at Pukenui. Now it’s 10km in the forest to join the beach.

Ah I finally smell the end of this sand road. I changed my mind during the way. There is a camp somewhere nearby and it will be certainly cheaper than the one of ninety mile beach. I can try…

Ok, it’s always the sand landscapes but it’s always beautiful :-)

Hey it’s me :-) Pff, I look so serious but I’m happy inside, really. I have the sun in the eyes, that must be why.

My super bike, always with me (it’s better haha).

And I forgot to show you something… The energy pocket, very Very VERY important!

I’m waiting for Peter but maybe he has changed his way… I can go to the camp : Utea Park. This one is really cheaper than the other. It works with donations. Must be in dollars for sure haha :-)

Some cabin.

The common part.

The place to camp. There is 3 checked people here. They are working around and don’t want to communicate in english… I’ve tried to ask them some questions but they just answer quickly and that’s it. So, no worries, I don’t care. I just want to eat something, write my dairy and sleep. Tomorrow I will have plenty of time because I’ll be allowed to ride on the beach at 1pm (because of the tide) so the morning is off :-)

8 thoughts on “Tapotupotu Bay > Hukatere (84km, 6h)

  1. j’adore ce portrait de toi que tu as pris , tu as l’air serein, apaisé, zen, et heureux. Je suis tellement contente de te voir comme ça!!!! ça fait chaud au coeur !!!!!!!

  2. Maybe peter is lost somewhere :-). No, we didn’t have plan to join the waipu forest. Peter wants to turn around the fiord and go in two cheap camps. And I prefer taking a ferry to change a little bit and go in one camp only. We will met later I think.

  3. Hey Marie thank you:-) Yep I feel good and I’m really improving riding. I should have stayed one night more in this camp because the ambiance was really nice. But finally I moved soon at morning to join Peter. I think I’m so fast now. If I continue like this, in three months I’ll finish visiting all new zealand ahah. So, I have to keep zen :-). See ya

  4. hey ! you are there :))!! wouv you will take ferry?? :D then what will be your bike ? or you will take the ferry with your bike ?

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