Rapahoe > Westport (96km, 6h05)

Today I’m going to visit the Pancakes, then I will move toward Westport. I want to be close to the city centre tomorrow. Westport is the second biggest city of the West coast after Greymouth.



I had a good night but I wasn’t in a good place as expected. I camped beside a track where it’s normally forbidden. But I didn’t find anything else yesterday night. This track is also available at night for cyclists. At exactly 5:53am a light was pointed onto my tent and then some bicycle passed me… Anybody stopped, Fiou! So this morning I woke up early (7:00am) to avoid any problem with a ranger or anybody else. It’s now 8:04am and I’m ready to ride :-)

The sun is slowly reaching the rocks over there.

It’s not as dark as the picture shows but the sun is just behind that mountain and feels powerful already.

That’s a good place to see what’s happening around :-)

Aaah, a creative letter box again. People of South island are not as creative as North island people I think. But there is exceptions :-)

It’s much better to take pictures behind me otherwise I have the sun in my face.

I’m getting close to the pancakes apparently.

Pancakes are rock formations created by nature “using” the erosion process :-)

The vegetation around the place is wonderful!

Punakaiki, Pancake rocks, Blowholes.

The first view is good but the pancakes are not clearly visible yet.

The adventurers’ path ;-)

Ah, this lookout is much better!

Here, that’s a pancake rock :-) It is like there are pancakes stack on each other. I start to feel hungry now!

There are all around now.

Ah, different shape there.

Oooh :-)


One more.

They are more visible on the left part.

These are nice stairs :-)

The blowholes! It’s better to see and hear that blowhole during high tide but I should wait two hours and a half and I don’t want to take that time.

For Maoris, those rocks represent face shapes.

That’s my next direction!

Blowholes Video!

I feel like I’m in Jurassic park now.

The vegetation is growing everywhere. It’s so dense!

OK, too much landscape today but I don’t like taking pictures of me. Just one :-)

Roh! The road is nice from here. A long downhill :-)

So green!

Very nice!

Just nature.

The old bridge.

The new one. Not the same style…

I think it’s my last hill for today. I wanted to stop before Westport but finally I will go in the city centre. I should arrive around 4 pm so I will have time to go to a cycle shop. I’m going to spend more money for my bike again…

That’s Westport there :-)

And the main street.

Yep, I’ve spend 60$ more but this time I have a tool to verify my chain. So I will know when I must change it. That’s better than changing the drive train again!

I won’t see the sunset this evening as well because there is a big layer of clouds sticking on the horizon.

But it’s OK like this :-)

The port :-)

I’m now at the end of the main street. I’m having a tour around to find a good place for tonight.


Romilly street! It’s so strange because, this afternoon I’ve seen that street but thought it was my imagination. But no, it’s real! And fun!

I’ve followed a panel with “beach” and now I’m on a wharf…

Yep, no sunset.

I’m cleaning my chain front of this cool landscape ;-)

The airport is on the right side. I would like to camp onto the left side but I don’t know if it’s a good idea.

Nice colours :-) let’s find my place now, it’s getting dark. Good night!

2 thoughts on “Rapahoe > Westport (96km, 6h05)

  1. Chouette, une nouvelle boite à lettres pour ma collection. Ça me manquait !

    J’ai pas tout compris ton histoire de vélo. Tu as changé une partie du vélo, ou tu en as racheté un entier ?

  2. Salut Damien,

    Je viens de faire un tour sur ton blog. Tout à l’air de toujours bien se passer et les photos me rappellent plein de bon souvenirs ! C’est cool !Profite bien de ces dernières semaines avant ton départ pour l’australie !

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