Paora > Rapahoe (23km, 1h20)

This morning is quite cold and wet. The proof : those clouds slowly descending the hills. There is fog all around. For the first time, somebody knocked my tent to tell me I was in a private property. Yesterday evening, I was riding on a cycling way between houses and the sea. Then I’ve stopped where there was a piece of grass. This area was connected to a garden and front of a path going to the beach. Both sides was surrounded by fence. I thought it was perfect and it was! Until this morning… A woman came just when I started to pack my stuff, asking me to leave. 20 minutes later I was on my way and let the area as clean as before, like every time. Sorry!



I wasn’t far from Greymouth actually. 10km later, I’m approaching the city centre. I’m looking for the post office because I have to get that paper from Invercargill. The dentist sent me the paper a need for my insurance. Hope it arrived!

PFF! I just came back from the post office and they didn’t receive anything! I’m now in the library trying to contact the dentist’s office to find another solution. The library reception told me I could use the fax of  the “Paper plus” shop front of us. Why not.

I’ve called the dentist using a telecom public cabin and it cost me 4$ for one minute! It’s not fair! I hate that expensive system! Finally, the dentist will fax me the paper before 5 pm. Then, I will have to scan it and send it by mail to my insurance… Fiou! Complicated!

It’s 4:40 and I’m finally leaving Greymouth. I’ve done my paper stuff and I didn’t enjoy it. I’m going to cycle one hour maximum before the night.

20km later, I’m reaching the sea again after a countryside ride. This path looks good. I should find a nice piece of grass for tonight.

No sunset again but I found a good place, see ya :-)

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