Nong Thuen, Public park > Ban Kham Pia, lake (36km)


That’s how I slept yesterday night :-) I was squeezed between the roof and the table. That’s good because it was windy, so not too hot. And yesterday evening, I had a table to cook and a bench where to sit. I would say 4 starts hotel this time because there was no toilets. Damn it! haha. Today has been quite a non interesting day. I cycled to the next petrol Station, stay at the café (I think you get it now :-) and then cycled later the afternoon. I ended up in a veggie garden front of a lake. It was dark and too late when I realised there was growing plants where I stopped. The advantage of sleeping in a hammock is I don’t touch the ground so I didn’t damaged those plants and had a quiet sleep.





Just a closer look to my camp site of last night :-)


That’s it, I packed everything, didn’t forget anything (I hope) and I’m ready to hit the bitumen again.


I had lots of choice last night :-)


Brrr, the road today is not really attractive… So unattractive that I did not take any more pictures today. My camera stayed in its bag the whole day! Sorry…


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