Napier, X’mas day

Hey, finally the sun came back and we can pass the second part of Christmas outside :-) Today, it should have more people than yesterday but we are almost the same people has yesterday. Most of the Germans don’t want to participate… No worries we enjoy :-)

It’s 2pm and everybody is ready and hungry.

Toni, the owner is giving us cap from “Aqua lodge”. Steal is so happy :-)

Now we have to prepare the table.

J-me :-)

Today, everybody cooked a dish so it’s world food. I tried to make a “Paris Brest” for the second time. It’s better than last time but not as perfect as a French bakery. Next time!

The tables are finally ready :-)

Let’s do the queue and eat!

Hello :-). Do you enjoy?

Asians don’t like the sun, once a week is enough haha :-)

Hey Japan!

Mai, Manami and Véro with typical Asian pause.

Chih Chi, Mai and Manami sleeping during the picture, a lala!

Hmm, I’m hungry, looks so nice!

That’s the gift (not for me) of…

… Toni :-)

Asian style :-)

2 thoughts on “Napier, X’mas day

  1. Effectivement ton Paris Brest a l’air plus en forme que la première fois! Jamais deux sans trois, la prochaine sera la bonne !

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