Napier, X’mas party

That’s it, we are already on December 24th. Today it’s raining but we don’t care, we will have a good party even without sun. We are all together so that’s the most important.

At the beginning we could cook one meal for ourselves and share with everybody. My idea was to cook a couscous for Asian friends because most of them never tried it. Finally, I’m cooking for 24 persons :-)

Riky call me Master Chef (like the TV program) but the real chef is my phone! I’m following the recipe and most of the time it’s work :-) internet is nice :-)

Look and smell nice :-)

Here, the part of the cooking team, Veronique and Manami.

During this time… Mai is getting crazy haha

For Christmas, Stella proposed to pick up a name in a basket so everybody can offer a gift to one other friend. The present’s price mustn’t cost more than 5$.

Now everybody is impatient to know who offset what to who :-) You have to wait a bit more girls :-)

The impatient group :-)

Atelier bracelet :-)

After 6 hours of cooking, it’s 8 o’clock and ready!

It’s time to eat :-)

Everybody is here :-)


Who is hungry?

Hmmm, nice?

Asians are alcoholic.

I precise, I’m not drunk.

But they are!

Riky and Véro…

… the two best friends :-)

Video :-)

Asians, you drink so much! Or maybe it’s the same bottle since 1 hour.

Christian haha, reminds my grand father :-)

Rob, the only English!

Mai and Vinz’

Wenshan, always ready to dance.

Ooooh Rob :-)

Is there more bottles than people?

Véro feels the music :-)

Midnight! It’s time to open our gifts

Video :-)

Some of us are lucky because we have more than one! Why? Santa Clause is so generous!

Aah, there is no everybody, come on.

Hmm, almost! Shanna, the camera is on the other side :-)

Hey Christian :-) this cool guy offer me some hand palms to swim harder and faster. I will use it every time now to be sure my legs are not bigger than my harms :-) thanks man!

Véro, Risky and Mai.

Vinz’, Thomas, Leia and mon amie Manami.

Chih Chi the guitarist :-) She didn’t play at the beginning and we discover one night that she could play very well! Good surprise! Other secrets like that?

Leia and Mai :-)

The crazy sisters Karis and Kylie.

Kylie, Karis, Sandra and Wenshan.

3 drinks and Wenshan is dancing every time everywhere :-)

Nicklas and Wenshan

Kylie, Karis, the artist J-me and Wenshan. She is everywhere!

haha :-)

Le Quebec, ça en jette! That’s what I’m writing. Véro is always happy and laughing :-)

Christian very concentrated :-)

Maybe everybody is here this time?

Whouaa! Sandra, this nose fits you perfectly haha.

Karis, Shanna (finally one picture of you), Kylie and Thomas.

J-me and Wenshan :-)

Kylie, Karis, Wenshan and Sandra the dormitory team!

Ahhaha :-)

Leia, Nicklas and Karis.

Chih Chi and Gina

Since I met J-me, she give me the virus of drawing. No no, that not means I’m drawing every day but it’s nice sometimes :-)

That’s the result :-)

4 thoughts on “Napier, X’mas party

  1. Hello Dam’
    J’espère que tous ont apprécié ton couscous ! Je ne manquerai pas d’en parler à Nadia ! lol. En tous cas vous avez fait une sacrée fête. Tu as retrouvé la guitare et le dessin. je ne sais pas pour la musique, mais pour le dessin, merci à J-me ! En revanche, j’ai deux versions pour l’interprétation (s’il devait y en avoir une bien sur!). J’hésite entre un homme qui est appelé vers des destinations lointaines, et auquel notre planète ne suffit plus, ou un homme qui attend, stoïque, la fin du monde !
    Je préfère la première version quand même, au moins ça n’engage que lui ! lol
    Gros bisous

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