Napier, Te Mata Peak (70km, 3h50)

Today I’m going to go onto a lookout point : The Mata peak. It’s a bit far from Napier but there so many cycling way around so I shouldn’t have to go by the main road. I will start by the beach :-)

After a checkpoint to McDonald’s I let Napier behind me.

And I’m going toward the south.

Oooh, it’s so wonderful here! haha

They is fishing people along every water space.

The cycling way is turning around and I’m now front of the same fishers than before.

Clive, a small town.

Apple trees fields. Hawke’s bay is the region for wine AND apples. It’s the sunniest part of the north island because mountains of the regional park protect naturally the place. It’s a bit like in the south east of France.

Yes, and wine :-)

The path is right on the middle if the fields, it’s very nice. I would like to travel more often like this.

The Mata Peak is just front of me, I think…

About, 25 km of path way and I’m joining the road.

Vineyards again and again :-)

The Mata Peak is getting closer :-)

Another vineyards.

I arrived in The Mata city and I have some few more kilometres to do, the most difficult part. But with my new shinny cassette, it should be too easy haha :-)

Am I still in new zealand? I’m in doubt sometimes…

Just arrived at the entrance of the The Mata Peak Park. The view is already impressive.

Yes, wonderful!

Hop, there is some paragliders :-)

With my new bigger cassette I don’t even need to use the 2 last speeds! I will be good with my trailer :-)

1, 2… There is a third one somewhere.

With this super weather we can see so far!

Ah yes, 3 :-)


Could stop moving for a second please? I’m taking a panoramic picture…

Wouaaaah! And I’m not to the to yet.

That’s the top :-)

More than 390 metres and 26°. Perfect day :-)

Napier centre is front of me just underneath the farther paragliding.

I like this picture :-). So simple and dynamic!

Yes yes I’m here :-)

Right in the middle of the picture, on the background, there is a mountain with snow. I think it’s Taupo.

haha are they doing? They are lost and try to find the way to come in their house haha :-)

There is another vineyards property there. It’s clean, square and certainly expensive.

Wider view. I’m taking too many picture today and I’m just on the middle of my visit!

This is one of the slope where guys take of with their “kite something”

Okay, after 90 Min passed onto the summit I was going down by the same road when I’ve seen this panel :-) :-) :-) that’s REALLY interesting! I go? I don’t? YES, I am!!!

This the path of my dream! That’s mountain biking like I wanted to do since a long long time! I would love to have a camera! If a find a work, I will buy one and I will come back here! :-) so cool! :-) :-) :-)

Wouhouuu! It’s physical but this path is incredible!

One minute later I was front of the wood panel, right there one the top next to the bunch of trees. It’s really steep and so fun!

Rah! Why I don’t have a camera?

I’m not coming from there but it is another track. I like his mountain :-) ooh yes :-)

The mountain bike track was awesome and I’ve reach now Havelock North, a cute small town. I will continue later by Hasting to make a circle and finish my visit in Napier.

It’s difficult to misunderstand what this thing is for… I like the style, it’s “design”

I’m probably in the city centre. It’s green and surrounded of flowers. Beautiful place :-)

I’m continuing my way toward Hasting and… I like this logo :-) simple and clear, good job!

Ooh, this Santa Claus is scary. “New World” is a supermarket like “Casino”.

Hasting, the city centre.

The city has the same Art Deco style but it’s less famous than Napier.

Artistic installation .

It’s difficult to see but a railway pass through this fountain basin. Why not.

Tiin tintintong tong tin! Hasting has a twin Chinese and that’s why I’m going to visit a original Chinese garden, cool :-)

Bless you :-)

Ooooh :-)

If you drink too much sake, this bridge appears straight.


Sorry I forgot my /\ helmet.


Like this?

Or like that?

I don’t need to go to Asia anymore, this garden spoil everything haha!


The chinese garden occupied a little part of a huge park. Here, it’s the kids area :-)

They are playing with water and I’m not sure, but it’s seams cold.

Now, it’s the sport area and people are playing cricket, a famous sport here :-)

From another point a view :-)

The visit of the day is almost finished :-) I have something like 25 kilometres to come back to Napier.

Often, there is doors like this to make connexion between the roads and the cycle paths.

I’m not lost :-). I recognise the wonderful ugly factory.

Almost almost! It’s getting painful of a certain part of the body…

I don’t know what are these things for, but they looks like big shells.

After New Zealand, China now Turkey :-) hummm the food!

Visit finished!

4 thoughts on “Napier, Te Mata Peak (70km, 3h50)

  1. Hello Damdam ! I think grap recolt is not for now. Vineyards are too small. You must wait for the beggining of next year ? On your first photographie it seems you are in paragliding. Were you in paragliding ? Chinese garden is very plaisant. I suppose we can rest it very well! A big kiss

  2. hello Damien
    la visite se poursuit avec enchantement.toutes ces choses que tu nous fait découvrir avec tes photos sont merveilleuses. continues à nous faire voir ces jolis paysages.

  3. c’est trop marrant ces vignes ! sur certaines images on se croirait presque en champagne ardenne lol !!!!!!

    C’est quoi ce père noël.. pour un supermarché c’est un peu barré comme concept.. surtout que comme tu dis il est bien flippant !

  4. Je suis dans la région “champagne Ardenne” de nouvelle Zélande en fait :-)
    C’est un père noël en carton mais ça fait un peu devanture de train fantôme ! Haha :-)

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