Napier, first visit

Today I’m going to visit the city, not in detail, but a tour here and there to discover the atmosphere. The weather is perfect and I hope it will stay like this!

I start with a beautiful little park :-) The place where I’m staying is really close to the city centre, maybe 10min.

And hop, I’m here and surrounded by the “Art Deco” architecture. I will take some buildings in details soon.

There shops and café everywhere and many people around. This city moves :-)

I like this place because it’s full of colours and with the blue sky it’s much better.

Direction to the beach :-) to have a good lunch. Sandwiches + carotte is perfect. Tomorrow I will go on that direction to visit the place there. At the end of the bay, there is Cap Kidnapper. Thousands of birds live there and November is the good period to see them. Cook, always the same guy, named this cap “Kidnappers” because when he arrived there, Maoris tried to kidnap one of his crew haha :-)

And… what? Where is the beach? I wanted to see it but somebody put a picture of a bike… hey buy it’s mine :-) yes yes I know. I remember now. I have to come back to the cycling shop the change my cassette. I don’t need to explain what is it because the next picture is so explicit :-) I will come back on the beach later :-)

New chain + new cassette! I’m ready for 5000 kilometres! And the new cassette is bigger so the next slope is going to be easier, cool!

After one hour talking with the bicycle shop’s staff I’m finally coming back to the city centre. The guys there are so cool. They gave me many tips for the rest of my travel to Wellington the capital. A part of the road pass through the gorges. They told me it’s really steep, narrow, windy and dangerous cool :-) The solution, catch a train the reach the other side. Rah! It’s too easy! Yes, I think they are right. That’s a good advise, thanks you guys :-)

That’s better to take some picture now because the sun is lower. The shadows are longer and longer and the colours brighter :-) let’s have a closer look!

Napier municipal theatre. I want to buy a polarizer filter to “clean” these windows but I couldn’t find it here. I will see in Wellington.

The central fire station. I like the style. In fact, this city as the same style of BioShock (the video game) haha :-) or maybe the game has the same style of the city :-)

I would prefer a Rhum bar personally :-)

The presentation picture :-) Every pylons has its own pattern onto is top but one picture is enough.

1, 2, 3 greeny pylons there plus one big one on the front.

Building style.

And… stylich building :-)

And… okay, cool, another one but I need to improve my camera to erase those reflect like a professional picture!

Almost the same photo as before but without anybody. Yes, it’s 4 o’clock and everybody is gone already.

A street, yes it is! :-)

I like this one, graphic!

Soon I will come back one the beach :-) I think it’s a kind of theatre here.

Behind me, the public garden :-)

A last look toward the empty shop street before the beach.

The beach! Ah no…

The beach! Ah! Move! Your are in the frame!

The beach! Rah, almost!

Where I am? On the bench or on the by circle?

And finally the Beach! That’s so huge! One thing wrong, it’s not sand but stones.

And for the last picture of the day, the beach with anything else around. Sky, water, stone :-)

3 thoughts on “Napier, first visit

  1. I understand better “Art Deco” now, with your photographies. It’s modern, it’s nice! Do you laught you when you say there are a lot of people in town ? I am to be used to French Riviera where there are really a lot of people ….Lol! I like photographie of you in front of beach, you are so pretty !

  2. j’envie ton super bronzage ( tu ferai presque métisse dis donc !) à côté de nous et notre peau méga pâle …..Ca fait du bien de te voir en photo, on a plus l’impression que tu es avec nous comme ça !!!

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