Napier > Takapau (89km, 5h)

And that’s it, this is the end of Napier where I could never imagine have a good time like that. I met so many nice people and we were really like a big team. I really enjoy those 6 weeks here but today I leave. It’s difficult but I hope we will see each other again in south island. Good buy everybody! I miss you all already…


The weather is grey and doesn’t help me to feel happy. Fortunately, I prefer this fresh weather than 40°…

Aaah, that’s was a long time now I didn’t see this kind of natural landscape. I’m not on the main road and it’s really quiet here.

Wouha, before I’ve seen that picture I thought I smiled… That’s hard to leave a place where I’ve stayed for a while with many nice people, and friends.

Nature, nature and clouds.

Tod road, why not?

I’m now in Waipukurau where I’ll have a break but the rain is getting heavy. Bad day!


91km for a first day is far enough! I’m in a small village called Takapau and I set up my tent in a sport club for the night. It’s free, it’s good :-) see you later!

3 thoughts on “Napier > Takapau (89km, 5h)

  1. 91 kms !!! Waouh! On voit que tu es reposé ! Pétard, quand j’ai fait un tour de base nature, je suis crevée !

  2. Hello Dam !

    Ça y est, tu es sur les routes de nouveau ! Pas trop dur la reprise du pédalage ? Ah je peux comprendre ce que tu ressens. J’ai eu ce vécu quand je suis parti d’Irlande après mes deux mois la bas. Mais une fois reparti ça va mieux et on garde en mémoire les meilleurs souvenir et ça fait du bien d’y repenser ! Courage pour toute la route que tu vas faire et profite bien de la chaleur et des paysages !!


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