Takapau > Eketahuna (105km, 5h12)

Today, like yesterday, it’s grey… I had a good and quiet sleep onto my new bloody expensive mattrees and I’m ready to continue my trip toward Wellington.


This village is really empty. There is nothing opened and nobody outside.

That’s Ormonville and it’s so crowded here. The only noise, the dogs barging at me. Youhou! I love that!

Dannevirke, the first “city” I visit today since Napier. There is certainly a story about vikings because the name doesn’t seam to come from new Zealand.

I don’t think I’m on the best place of new Zealand and with all those clouds it’s even worst.

After a little rest in McDonald’s to get the WiFi and upload some pictures, I join the country side again and it’s much better.

Break time with sandwich, carrot and stretching.

Woodville, at this point I could take the direction of the west coast. This city is a king of fork but I’m staying on the east and I hope join the group in feathers ton if they don’t move before I come.

There is so many winds on that mountain.

When I will come back to Auckland from the other side, I will have a great view :-)

The train, so interesting I know but there is nothing to catch here.

Pahiatua, for another break.

This city looks better than the others. At least there is some trees and people.

I like the kind of park between the streets.

Eketahuna! My last checkpoint for today after more than 100km, my record :-)

And directly in the village, I think I found my place for the night. There is public toilet and a bench. Just what I need :-)

Even from this side it’s difficult to see a tent, perfect!

From my spot, the city center is so closed.

Like everyday since Napier, rice with soy sauce, ham and carrot. Basic but cheap and I really need to pay attention to my wallet.

Hmm, hungry! Tiousse!

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