Eketahuna > Featherston (84km, 3h52)

Today is getting nicer. The weather is not to bad and I know I will find a free campsite in Featherston. And I’m faster than I expected. We are 29th so I will certainly have one day off in the camp next to the lake. Nice :-)


Strait, fast, cool for one time :-)


First break, eating, stretching, right leg.

The other one.

And here we go! Ah no… Another break join Masterton. During that pause, I met two women and one of them wanted to invite me in her house in Upper Hut. But her house is already full. Tonight, they are going to see a demolition derby! Roh! I would love to see that once! Maybe if I’m fast enough, I could catch the train this afternoon for Upper Hut and join them :-)

I had finally a long break in Masterton and I’m not sure I can catch the train of 5:25pm. I will see.

Rah! It’s getting cloudy again!

I don’t like that…

Featherston, I’m here!

This is like a ghost city here. And we are in summer! I can’t imagine this place in winter…

How this hotel can be full? And when?

I’ve reach the train station but I’m late. Now I don’t know if I continue toward the lake now or if I will go tomorrow. Let’s play guitar, I will think about it later :-)

OK, finally I decided to reach the lake. It’s 8km more but it’s straight and flat so OK OK.

Strange clouds.

Country side, nothing special. Why I took that picture? Why I put it here? No idea…

Yes the lake is not far :-) almost almost!

Ah no, on that picture it looks so far… :-)

Here I am :-) You maybe don’t realize but it’s not so easy to take a picture like this. I have to let my bike on the ground and set up the camera on a good place. Focus on the point I will pass but before I pass there is nothing so it’s not easy to have a clear view. Then, I activated the 10s timer and run! Get the bike but the trailer is heavy, and try to start riding, not to fast, not to slow. I’m counting until 10 as well to be on the right point at the right moment and finally try to be natural like if somebody took that picture. That’s lot of work :-)

Aaah, after 10, 15 minutes, I’m finally ready… To do nothing :-) but…

I don’t like these clouds again.

The view is nice from here and for a free camp, there is not so many people.

I can practice guitar without annoying my public ;-) nice! See ya! Tomorrow, day off!

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