Mt Cook, hiking day + Lake Pukaki (38km, 2h20)

Today starts very well. No clouds and nice colours onto Mt Cook :-) We are going to hike around and then come back to our last spot front of the lake Pukaki.


So, that’s the place where we stayed tonight. It was really difficult to pitch the tent so we slept directly under the stars, onto our tent. David didn’t join us because he was afraid about the security guys. But we were really well hided and this night was quiet, no problem.

That’s the view from my place. I can’t see Mt Cook but it’s on the right hand side.

After packing our stuff we came back front of the information centre for the breakfast. There is tables and in few second, the sun!

Mountains view :-)

Yes we are ready for our expedition of the day but first step : pick some berries for the dessert :-)

And wild raspberries for sure :-) hmmm so good

Yesterday we were on the left hand side front of the lake. It was Kea point. Now we are going on the bridge and walking in the valley front of us u til the glacier.

That’s the view behind us with lake Pukaki on the background. The village is on the right.

And another bridge to cross soon :-)

Hey hey, Mt Cook is still there!

First checkpoint :-) with toilets, shelter and a cold cold river!

That’s the lake with the glacier (in black) at the rear. Mt Cook domine the place here.

Panoramic view.

Mathieu and Charlotte taking pictures.

We are coming from this part. That’s the mountain I’ve seen this morning from the place where we slept. It’s hot now, something around 40° and we are looking for a big rock to eat under the its shade.

We are now coming back by the same path.

That’s the same shelter as before.

And the river this time :-)

This valley is wonderful!

The valley again with lake Pukaki.

This time is serious, we spent around 1 hour, with Mathieu, to feel these 2 box with raspberries.


HMMM! we are going to make Jam soon :-)

It’s now 5.30pm and we quit Mt Cook village to join our place next to lake Pukaki. David is front of me. Charlotte and Mathieu behind. Everybody is riding with his own rhythm.

That’s the only cloud of the day!

I’m cycling and I can see Mt Cook in the mirror. Good souvenirs!

The place is not so far I think.

Mt Cook for the sunrise and now during the sunset. I joined David around 7.30pm and he told me that the trailer of Mathieu was broken. They are going to hitch Hike until Twizel where we will see each other again tomorrow. Good luck guys and see you later! Good night :-)