Lake Pukaki > Twizel (36km, 2h)

This morning David left before me because there was so many sand fly and he was eating by them. I’m now alone here. We finally found another spot yesterday with David. Twizel is not so far and I want to be slow this morning. I washed my dishes, a part of my clothes and myself. It’s fresh but free like every time :-)

I’ve just joined the main road where I’ve seen Matthieu and Charlotte in a truck. They didn’t find anybody yesterday night so they came back in the same place in Mt Cook village. This time, they camped with Leo, another French cyclist guy, yes one more.

Twizel! And to be more precise, this is the library with free WiFi :-) Everybody is connected and I’m hungry!

Twizel is a cute small city. There is parks every where. It’s green and it’s a good place to have a picnic. I’ve been in the the same garage as Mathieu to fix something on my trailer as well. Now it’s perfectly fixed :-)

We came back 8km toward Mt Cook to find a free camping place. Now, it’s jam cooking time :-). 55% of fruits, 45% of sugar and one lemon.

We just have to wait.

Hohoho, it looks delicious :-) My first jam! :-)

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