Melaka, visit and eating around


Since I came in Melaka, I didn’t take many pictures around. For lunch and dinner I’m always going out because there is no kitchen in the backpacker where I stay. The food is very cheap here so I can keep under 10$ for now. Later, when I will start travelling, I will try to stay under 6$ budget like in Indonesia. Maybe I will have to cook one meal per day. For now, between my blog sessions I’m going out at different time per day, to get some “fresh” air and have something to eat. Most of the time, I’m front of my laptop. I won’t leave Melaka before my blog is completely updated and this one is my last post!


I’ve tried different restaurants already and for lunch today I am in a Indian one.


I’ve asked for vegetarian food and this is what they gave me. Some “crackers”, and indian reddish mixture, a cucumber/pineapples salad (interesting mix and very good) and finally some rice with another sauce. This is very good!


For dessert I got one of each. One Pal Gova.


One Mysore pal.


And one Coconut candy. These are too sweet. I think that’s the first time I think something is too sweet :-)


Just out of the restaurant, and really close from where I stay, this street is specialised in electronic stuff.


On both sides of the street, big famous company an brands compete.


I’m looking for a shop where to buy a sim card but cannot find any. I’ve been cycle here and there but nothing… Maybe this Mall has the thing I want.


Brrr, this is ugly…


Nope, nothing interesting here. This is just a place where to buy useless things to empty wallets.


Let’s try to go back towards the city centre.


There is a tiny tiny “Lunapark” here.


My accommodation is situated at the bottom corner of this big white and yellow building.


The same Lunapark from the bridge.


I’ve came back to the backpacker this afternoon to write my blog again. So much things to say. Then tonight for dinner I’m trying another indian place :-)


Simple food with a huge fresh and delicious orange juice!


Finally I’m going back home. This is the same Lunapark viewed from the same bridge at the same spot :-) Few, my blog is fully updated! Now I can visit the town and take some more picture haha :-)

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