Melaka, second visit


Today from 4pm, when the weather is not that hot, I’ve decided to have another go cycling in the city of Melaka (or Malacca). Melaka is a world heritage city since the 9th July 2009 and has a characterial city centre. It divides by the river of the same name (sungai Melaka). The most evident thing about this place is the multicultural side and the several architecture you can find all combined together. Maybe I miss it very much I don’t know but I feel I was in Disneyland again in some part of the city. Especially with those taxi-bicycle that have took over the place.



Firstly, I’m going downstairs from the Victor’s guest house. On of the guy who manage the hostel like drawing and painting. I’m pretty sure he has done this one because he is working on another one upstairs.


Victor’s guest house is situated on the first floor of this building. On the right hand side, there is a major road with constant traffic. The shop on the ground floor always turn on some loud music from 9am til 10pm, something like this. And not far from the place, a new building is taking place so all the day (if you stay in here) there is a “triple surround” of cars + music + works :-) Nice mix isn’t it? Actually I don’t even mind.


Not far away from the guesthouse there is the Melaka river. Each facade over there is painted. Actually it looks more like one big piece of art extended on all these facade. These houses are especially tiny restaurants. At night, it’s very nice to walk around and have a drink.


I’m now cycling towards the the famous place of Melaka.


Thank you!


Here every single building is painted in a red here.


Even the ground which was finished restaurated a day or two ago is red.


Some other perpendicular streets leading to the river have the same red colour.


The Stadthuys, also known as the Red Square or dutch square, is a historical structure situated in the heart of Malacca Town, the administrative capital of the state of Malacca, Malaysia. Wikipedia.


That’s the famous place.


If you don’t like red, don’t come here ah ah ah.


They have still some work to do but the guys work pretty fast! Maybe I will see it finished before I leave!


What is that?! Since I came here I can see those crazy taxi-cycle snaking around. They are other decorated and each of them follow a special theme like “hello Kitty”, Iron man”, “Frozen” and more and more.


This is hard to get a picture here without having someone front of it but this is how the place is. Tourists are part of it obviously.


Waiting for clients? a smile maybe?


Melaka clock tower.


I’ve been cycling around and on the other side of the red square. Here they is like a muster of taxi-cycle. And most of them have a speaker at the back of the “side trailer”. I hope the electricity is not running by the guy cycling because he must be very fast.


Hello Kitty is winning the competition :-)


Right in the middle of Disneyland we have a piece of history. A Famosa is a Portuguese fortrees located in Malacca, Malaysia. It is among the oldest surviving European architectural remains in south east Asia. Wikipedia



Let’s visiting somewhere else because it’s over crowded here.


This building is a gigantic mall with various shops and fast food and I think the big grey thing on the background is the car park.


Fortunately there is some green spaces here because this is too much grey overwise.


Michael Jackson is not dead! He is living on a secret island in Malaysia!


This one is not that secret.


Melaka seems to bet everything on entertainment. They want to compete with the United Arab Emirates or what? Look at this project.


Like this is better :-) Hotels, yacht, cinema, blablabla. A place for rich people…


Hey, that’s not finish yet!


And some more. Looks like you could live an entire life in this one. Scary!


This is from the building above I guess. Disneyland again, you see? I’m not that focused ;-)


For now, it doesn’t look that fancy. Those buildings are new but they are not very attracting…


Wow! what’s that?


Ah, looks like a mosque but a fancy one :-) or with the malay style maybe.


The Malacca Straits Mosque is a mosque located on the man-made Malacca Island near Malacca Town in Malacca state, Malaysia. The construction cost of the mosque was about MYR10 million.Wikipedia.


This design has some common point with the opera house or what?


A bunch of girls on the left hand side have spend the whole time I was here trying to shot themselves jumping all together at the same time. It must be difficult… Good luck. And good luck to the only guy who patiently press and re-press the button of the camera.


Last on and I’m going. I wanted to visit the inside but we must be covered completely and I have a short. Next time…


This is a jetty with certainly restaurants and maybe accomodation.


The view to the other side, the city of Melaka.


Let’s cross the bridge again.


In the city again.


Wow! I did not expect something like this! Remember the funny, fancy, dreamy, crazy taxi-cycles. They have a secret weapon. At night they become electric! Some of them even blink.


On the Melaka river, there is restaurant boat or simply it’s here for decoration.


Crazy taxi-cycle!


Another group of those crazy taxi. They wait on the bridge between the famous Red Square and the other famous street caller “Junker street”. Here they can not miss the tourists! and the tourists can’t miss them too!


Finally I’ve found a quiet where to avoid the high density night traffic. The problem here is that every road has only one way so If I want to follow this rule (which I don’t like the other cyclist here) I should have to turn all around the town to go to the guest house which is not really far away. This is frustrating, well it would be :-) Good night.

3 thoughts on “Melaka, second visit

  1. Et bien je ne m’attendais pas à des paysages bling bling en Malaisie. Comme quoi on se fait une fausse idées des choses et des lieux. Quelque chose me dit, que même si ça t’interpelle, ça ne te plait pas beaucoup toute cette superficialité !!!

  2. Mais tout de même je dois reconnaître que les vélos taxis sont bien inspirés. Les enfants doivent tous demander à leurs parents d’en faire un tour. Et les parents … ça craque facilement pour leur bambins ! Malins les cyclistes !

  3. Now I see the business side of Malacca. Probably they have many tourists with big buses everyday.
    I saw a Doraemon cycle taxi among them, I grew up with watching Doraemon cartoon. :D

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