Mareeba > Cairns (72km, 4h15)

Today I’m coming back to Cairns. After 2 weeks riding around I’m going to get my tax file number and find a work somewhere. Maybe I will come back later to Mareeba because the office was close yesterday and it the same today. Right we are Sunday…


There is no so many roads going up the table lands and this one is quite full. Fortunately it’s smooth and large and finally going a bit downhill.

I am on my way to Kuranda but this sign looks good, let’s have a look to the market.

Oh it’s smaller than I expected. No worries ;-) there is certainly good people here :-)

This fruit is a “Sour soap” a name like this. It taste between coconut and melon. It’s nice. I bought this one but it’s not ready to eat yet.

I was taking the previews picture when a woman came to me and show me this fruit. It’s the same family but much bigger!

That’s the tree. I don’t remember the name… no brain.

I’m know in Kuranda. This place is crowded by tourist but as every time I’m good to push people away my pictures :-)

A tour to the toilets. No more details of course but what is that sign? Are they serious? People do that? Oh!

This place is a big market. A big market for tourist!

I’m in Frejus :-)

It’s nice :-)

Trust me it’s full of tourist but my camera does not like them.

There is different style of smalls shops : Asian, Spanish, skateboard, tatoo, craouch :-) it’s cool here.

I arrived at one end. Let’s cone back this way.

Hammock shop! Cool:-) if I break my tent, I hesitated to bya hammock next time.

Marie Viat you would love this place. Carlos, you would hate this place haha. Or don’t go with Marie lol ;-)

Spanish restaurant on the left side. I’ve passed front of music shop as well. There is everything here.

A museum about aboriginal art.

The famous dotted style.

I’m going now to visit Barron falls but looks like it’s a hilly road. Rah, I don’t mind.

And it was! But I’m almost arrived.

The path.

Aaah. I understand now. I thought that right after Mareeba I will go downhill but no no no! The most difficult part is coming.

Barron falls. In winter, dry season there is no so much water. But in summer this place is certainly very noisy.

This is now.

This panel explains how the Kuranda range appeared (a long time ago).

Another look.

A path is continuing towards the Kuranda rail way station. There is an old stylish train coming from somewhere and going to Cairns I think. Maybe I will have the chance to see it.

This path is passing throught the rain forest.


This is the Barron falls with a better view than before.

Wide view. I should come back during the wet season to sea the difference.

Barron gorge hydro.

The train station is empty. I think I won’t see the train today. Let’s come back.

I’ve left Kuranda and i’m onto a bridge crossing the Barron river.

Hey, this is Cairns again :-) After 2 weeks away, cool :-)

The weather is not the best but the view is still good.

Large view.

Close up.

Close close up. Oh, actuality. Cairns is behind the hill on the right hand side. In the center there is the airport.

Onto the cook high way again.

And the barron river again :-)

Welcome to Cairns. This is the esplanade.

And this cycle way follows the a until the city centre. Nice :-)

I’ve turned around this afternoon. Going to the shop and I found a night market. So many useless things to buy here. But I found something interesting : a hammock shop :-) Maybe I will come back here when my tent will be dead.

I finish this long day buy a pause around the “lagoon”.

With a tasty kebab :-) I don’t yet where I will sleep tonight but I will find a good spot as every time. No worries ;-) good night!

3 thoughts on “Mareeba > Cairns (72km, 4h15)

  1. Hey bro !
    How is it going ? Like I can see you are enjoying Australia ! What’s your next destination ? If you go to Darwin we can give you somme good places !
    Alex have got a job near Geneva ! She began working today ! I’m looking for job as well but it’s summer holidays…
    Enjoy my friend ! And safe travel !

    1. Hey Philou! Yes I’m fine and I’m still in cairns. I’m working as a web designer and I’m looking for a farm job but not right now because I have to make a website before. I will maybe go to Darwin but later. It’s already too warm up there. But if I can extend my visa I will have plenty of time to visit that place. I’m living day to day so it’s difficult to anticipate :-)

      Alex got a job, cool! Good news :-) at least one of you bring money to home :-) where about do you live now? Do you rent an appartment near Geneva?
      Good luck for your research!

      What is your Skype I’d? We could talk one day :-D

      See ya man and say hello to Alex :-)


  2. Le gros fruit vert, c’est le fruit de l’arbre à pain. Nous en avons vu à la Réunion, mais apparemment ils ne t’ont pas marqué ! Lol.

    Marché nocturne à Fréjus ? Heu, avec moins de monde quand même ! En ce moment il bat son plein, et encore plus à partir du week end prochain. Les parisiens arrivent! Grrrr !

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