Luang Namtha, New Laos year, day 3


Today is the real Laos New Year but I don’t really realise it as there is parties every single day here. Their neighbour as cooked lots of food for us. We could barely finish everything. Every time a plate was half full she would come back to top it up. I’ve joined the Tang, Chiang and their mates to celebrate another special day as well today. There is the birthday of one of them. I’m sorry I cannot remember all the names… The one with the green t-shirt is turning 21 today (I think).


We nearly finished to eat the birthday cake that things got out of hands. There was one remain piece of cake. Who wants it? Everyone… I feel I’m in a TV serie or something like this. Tang had the good idea to put some cream on his newly 21 years old classmate and then the war started.


Very quickly, things got out of control. I’m here in the middle, not really knowing what should I do. I’m too rigid to do the same and everyone here speak a language I don’t understand. Well, that’s fun to watch but I cannot participate, really.


Chinese like to be white when European like to be tanned. Today, they found a very quick solution: the birthday cake Ahah :-)


Don’t forget that it’s still the new year and during that, water is always present. Soon after the last piece of cake was shared on every face (mine too) the water entered in the game… The kids could not resist anymore. When we were eating they watered us with their plastic guns. The portions became bigger and bigger over the time until… Let’s see what happen in that shirt video :-)



No, no, no! Not when I have my phone please!

That’s it for today. I’m wet enough and it’s time to go back to the guesthouse and work a bit more. See you next time guys :-) Thanks for the invitation.

2 thoughts on “Luang Namtha, New Laos year, day 3

  1. Bon, et bien pourquoi pas, après tout il fait chaud non !! J’adore le petit sur le vélo avec sa bouée autour du corps, je pense que c’est l’eau de la rivière qu’il vise lui …

  2. Water is a good way to cool down.
    I’ve heard South East Asia is in unusual heat.
    Your place must be over 40 degrees. Too hot to cycle….

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