Upper Mongogarie, organizing + Kangaroo!

Today, during we were working around the house, Jamie saw a kangaroo. It’s nit an adult but it is quietly eating around and fairly close to the house. It’s much better than in a zoo :-)


This week we are organizing, making groups : Screws with screws, rubbish with rubbish, doors with doors etc. It’s a long process but it’s not impossible.With Jamie we are also looking for tools. The last ones are spread everywhere around the property, it’s crazy!


Here we have got : electric stuff, covers, Tiles…


This is the last area we have done. Every time the idea is to create shelves so we augment the space to organise more stuff. Fiou! That kangaroo could help us!

One thought on “Upper Mongogarie, organizing + Kangaroo!

  1. Ben oui, il aurait pu mettre quelques outils dans sa poche pour vous aider … le kangourou !! Ou les cacher? Il faudrait que tu vĂ©rifies, si tu l’attrapes ! Lol

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