Upper Mongogarie, a walk around the property

Since few days, the Sue and Keith’s daughter is living in the house with her son Sebastien. After work Jamie proposed to walk around and Nicole told us to walk up the hill that we did. But there was not really special thing to see because trees surrounded us all the time. We didn’t see any kangaroo or snake, just a yellow and black spider. Jamie almost walk through the spider web, oups!, we walked up and down during an hour and it was nice. We are hungry now and the dinner should be ready soon, miam :-)

One thought on “Upper Mongogarie, a walk around the property

  1. Bon, ça m’a l’air plutôt cool sur ton nouveau lieu de séjour, hormis le bazar que tu vas adorer ranger. Ça te rappellera tes longues parties de Tetris !!

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