Hokitika > somewhere after Jacksons (69km, 4h35)

I slept at in same spot as yesterday which is close to the city centre and kind of hidden enough. Fortunately, I did not account any problem :-)



I’ve spent one hour in the library again to update my blog and check my emails. Now I’m ready to go toward Arthur’s pass. The cycle shop owner told me yesterday that I could be under the snow there. Looking at the landscape and knowing where I’m going, he might be right.

Like every cities in NZ, Hokitika has its own skate park :-)

If I go this way, I’ll reach the Tasman sea.

On the over side, there are the southern Alps, nice :-)

So, has the guy from the cycle shop told me, I’ve turned right after Hokitika river. It’s a nice shortcut that connects the road which goes to Arthur’s pass.

Effectively, it’s nice here and there is much less cars than the highway 6.

A bit of downhill, cool!

1 hour and a half later I reach the main road again.

Happy :-)

Do not pay attention to the electric power Lines and the picture is good ;-) Ok, sorry, too late.

Jackson’s! Eh ok… There is only one building and a house on the other side of the road. That’s all. That’s a New Zealand town :-)

I’m going to continue cycling in the valley to get as close as possible to Arthur’s pass. Tomorrow I will hide my trailer in the bush or somewhere else and cycle to the top. Then, I will come back, catch my trailer and follow the road until Jackson’s again. Finally I will continue toward Greymouth onto the West coast.

Good night!

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