Hokitika, bloggy day off

I did not anticipate to stay a second day in Hokitika but I’ve decided to fix my bike now finally. The guy from the cycle shop ordered the items yesterday and once he will receive them I will get a new bike. Now, I know for sure I have to work in Australia to pay that back :-)

This morning looks sunny and I can see so clearly my good reparation of my tent. I bought another Rubber roll but now it’s so hot so I will do it later. It rained during  the whole night and finally the sun came back this morning. Cool!

I’ve let my bike to the shop and came back to the sea view to enjoy my lunch. 4$ for a pizza bread. I’m gonna keep the other half for tonight. That’s cheap enough :-)

The Tasman sea is wonderful today! Where at the surfers?

I spent most of the day in the library doing everything I needed. Then I came back to the cycle shop at 5pm to get my new bike. 573$… Aïe! I’ve spent maybe 30 minutes speaking with the cycle shop owner who recommended me to go the Arthur’s pass. The famous highest pass of South island. Everybody says it’s wonderful there. I wanted to avoid it fist because I my plan was to stay on the West coast but this guy is right, I don’t have to cross the Alps and come to Christchurch again. I can go pass the summit, enjoy the view and cycle back down. It’s one of the steepest road of new Zealand, 16%. I’m going to die but now, it’s on my mind and I have to go there :-) It’s not for tomorrow but the day after I think :-)

Roooh! I have to see the sunset if it’s not too late!

Rah! Damn it! Too late!

But it’s still beautiful :-)

… as my pizza bread is beautiful as well haha :-) Good night.

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