Freshwater, trying cello

First time using a Cello

Since I’m in Freshwater I can see Marco practicing cello but I never dare to ask if I could try or not. Today is the day : close the windows, the doors and your ears because I’m going to make noise haha :-)

Arg! strange sounds

It’s a strange felling and of course it looks much more easier when Marco is playing.

Fiou! I'm a pro already hahaah

Fiou! I can almost play a VERY simple song without looking at the neck :-)

One thought on “Freshwater, trying cello

  1. Ah quand l’apprentissage avec l’archet ? Parce que là pour le coup, c’est une provision de boules Quiès qu’il va falloir faire ! Damien le découvreur … c’est dans tous les domaines ! Lol

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