Cristal Cascade with Yoko and Marco


Today we are visiting Cristal Cascade with Yoko and Marco. It’s not really far from Freshwater. Yesterday I was cycling around with Marco and we swam in a creek. Then Marco told me about that place where we are today. One thing, the water seams to be colder than yesterday but even in winter it’s fine here. or at least, it’s for me because Marco… hahaah :-)


So we are going down and soon we will swim ;-)


Hello :-)

Come on Marco, don’t be shy and jump!


We are now going to swim under the cascade because apparently there is small space behind, a secret maybe!


We change the place and on our way back there is that place calls “no fear”. Marco told to her mother that he wanted to come up to the top (black arrow) just to have a look but now he is going to jump! crazy boy! I’m not going to do that of course.

see ya!

2 thoughts on “Cristal Cascade with Yoko and Marco

  1. G’Day Mate! What a nice place to enjoy the fresh water, its seem the water is cold but its really inviting… Have fun and have a good day!

  2. hey buddy !

    Nice jump ! You are like a fish in the water ! We are happy to see that your are fine and you are enjoying your trip ! We are now near Geneva but still in France ! Alex has found a job but me I’m still looking for one ! I think I will find a job in September ! Big hug my friend !

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