Freshwater, I’m leaving in two days


Two months, two months! passed like a finger snap. I made my decision yesterday when I found a “relocating car” on internet. We can’t choose a precise date and sometimes there is not any car for a week. Yesterday I found a car from Cairns to Brisbane. It’s exactly what I need because I called a backpacker last week and they needed workers. It’s situated in Coffs Harbour, 400km south from Brisbane. It’s certainly too late now for this job but I’m gonna check every day every farm when I will start cycle (again) from Brisbane.


Ouuuh, so strange to leave Martin, Zackari and Marco after two months spent in this nice tent :-) I’m cleaning everything, checking if I don’t forget something important, my bike, my trailer, ok :-)


Hey :-)

2 thoughts on “Freshwater, I’m leaving in two days

  1. Elle est grande cette tente ! Tu n’aurais pas pu l’emmener pour la suite de ton voyage. Tu aurais laissé la tienne pour le prochain woofer !

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