Freshwater, guinea pig cage, the ultimate test


Hey Zackari :-) Yes the same Zackari who write on this blog haha. It’s a very smart guinea pig. He can speak Japanese and English, use a computer, find my blog and write some comments. But when we come back to the house he is eating innocently some salad in his home brand new bamboo cage. There is a secret behind all of this story!


Eating and reading the news. How is life?


Good bye Zackari. I hope you will enjoy your new home!

One thought on “Freshwater, guinea pig cage, the ultimate test

  1. Trop mignon Zackary ! Dis donc Damien, je pense que tu serais très doué pour écrire des histoires de Guinée Pigs pour les enfants ! Le ton est tout à fait exact ! Il faudra que tu y penses … pour ta retraite d’aventurier !

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