Cooma road > Cooma (73km, 5h)


Here we go. Yesterday, I’ve stop just before that big hill so this morning I know what I’m starting with. I expect to do 75km and arrived in Cooma. Maybe I’ll get a day off. The weather is still shiny and for once there is no wind!



Going uphill, going uphill.


300m ascension and the rest is to come :-)


Finally, after a full hour, I’m on the top!


1123m high but I’ve started from 700m.


Hey what? I thought I was on the top…


This time is it :-)


I realise I’m really focus on the performance today, certainly because I’m tired and and to reach Cooma today. I’d like to be there around 4pm so I could have some time to rest.


Landscape from the top! Hard to see something.


Since this morning, I’m on a dirt road (30km now). It not too bad but my bum hurts haha.


Kookabara. I heard them this morning at 6am, singing all together :-)


Hey, yes! The sealed road is here after 35km.


There is now a view on the quiet valley.


This is the town called Numeralla. I’d love to get a drink.


And the only thing I’ll get is water from the toilets. There is absolutely nothing else here a part few houses and a big long hill to get out of this town.


This is a good one! I wish today all the roads would be like this one. 20km to go and I’m Cooma. Come on, I’ll do it!


I’m tired… but Cooma is here! finally!


First thing I do will be to eat junk food. I know it’s not good but I want it :-) I’m pretty sure there is a Mac Donald because I’ve seen packaging along the road. People maybe think that because it’s cardboard you can throw it out of the window… Well, no, you don’t call that recycling guys! Really tough day for me. I think I need a rest or a short day tomorrow. I’ll see. If I leave tomorrow, I might get the next internet connection when I will reach the coast so no worries if I’m not posting during the next 3 days. See ya!

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  1. Et bien te voilà dans le no man’s land ! Les villages ne sont pas très rigolos apparemment ! J’espère que tu pourras te reposer un peu avant de rejoindre la côte, et tes fesses aussi ! Bisous

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