Braidwood > Cooma road (65km, 4h20)

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Nice travel today with some visit around. Cold during the morning and a bit of gravel road at the end. This day is a nice one except the wind which is still a head one.



Few! That was a chili night. My mattrees being a 3/4 one was of course too short and my feet was cold all the night. I’ve forgot to put all my clothes at the end of the mattrees to keep some heat as told me the guy in New Zealand when I bought to him this model. Anyway, I will apply that for the next night. It about 13°C now and it’s hard to start.


My neighbors was really quite last night. Did not hear anything!


OK, I’ve pack everything and unpacked everything again here. I’m in a park, in the city center. There is public toilets and water. I’m having breakfast and drying my tent in the same time.


Finally, it’s 9:30am and I’m on the road again. Cooma, I’m coming!


The landscape is different this morning. I’m cycling in a valley surrounded by cows.


It’s now 15 to 17°C but the weather is perfect.


A nice creek crossing.


The road is fairly flat but I know, I know a big hill is coming and I don’t know yet if I will manage that late today or early tomorrow.


Nice colors, really natural, peaceful.


There is so many cars on this road that I can take pictures in the middle of it :-)


My set up! I’m gonna use this one for my gear presentation :-)


The couple Rohloff + belt is excellent! I need to get used to but I’m really happy with it.


For the time I’ve had the need to use this net. Because of the head wind (still) I’m too slow and the flies catch up on me. But I’ve got protection bloody flies!


Hmm, there is a sign “big hole” that look interesting but I don’t know how far is that place. More than 5km, I won’t go.


Let’s ask to someone around. This place looks good. Actually the owner of the property, Andrew was a nice guy. Not because he told me that the road I was wondering for is only 400m but because he is simply nice. He sold his property 4 years ago when he was living western of Sydney and he came here and built this huge place. It’s actually an accommodation. The whole thing cost him more than $900.000, Ouch! He has solar panels, solar heated water system and everything. Today he is producing more energy than he consume but I gets only 6cents per “something” (I don’t remember the technical term). He told me that he used to be paid much more (60cents per “something”) but the government changed the rules. haha, of course! When they realized they did not make money as much as they wanted and because more and more people started using solar panels they changed the rules… And today, Andrew can’t get off the grid because he is not 150m far from a electric pole (one is actually right next to his property). If he wants to be independent electrically he needs to pay another $1500 or $15000 I’m not sure. Well, this discussion was interesting and now I know I can visit the ” Big hole” :-)


So, the main road is on the right side but I’m going between those trees.


Going downhill in Deua National park.


Hey look good! I’ve tables, grass, shade, the perfect spot for lunch.


Very nice place.


Now I’m full and my bike is safe, I can go.


I will do the Big hole only.


Less than a minute and there is the first river crossing. Hou the water is fresh!


Walking in the bush.


That’s going uphill now.


Wow! That is a very good view!


100m left. I’m wondering how big is this “Big hole”. Video on day here.

DSCF6953 DSCF6954 DSCF6955 DSCF6956 DSCF6957 DSCF6949

Wow! This is huge! Very impressive (5pics)

Discovering the Big Hole in video.


Those trees might fell down soon.


Right on the edge.


Informations. That was a very nice visit. Worth it! Look at this view onto the valley :-)


Finally after a long break and a short swim in the river, I feel fresh to hit the road again. And this is a good collection of letter boxes :-)


I’m coming to the second valley. The wind gets sensibly weaker but it still head wind.


But… Those trees looks like apples trees?


Ah yes they are! Cool I got 3 apples for free :-)


As Andrew said, there is some dirt road. I think I’m going to stop soon because the sun is low and it’s getting chilly again.


The gravel surface is more rough than yesterday. This is pin in the ass!



I’ve just finish 6km of dirt road and a very nice downhill. Cooma is 83km away now. No, I won’t make it today :-)


This is it! My spot for the night. I’m 20m away from a creek, it’s very pleasant. Hope I won’t be too cold this night.


I’ve set up everything. Just have to eat, right this blog and sleep. Good night!

3 thoughts on “Braidwood > Cooma road (65km, 4h20)

  1. Bain dans la rivière ??? Avec les crocos ? Bon, je suppose qu’il n’y avaient pas sinon tu n’aurais pas pu écrire ton blog du lendemain. Ou alors ils dormaient ! Ou ils n’avaient plus faim !
    Dis donc c’est plein d’eucalyptus chez toi ! On se croirait au parcours de santé de Fréjus ! Lol.
    Impressionnant le Big Hole ! Dommage que les explications soient écrites trop petites sur le panneau, enfin sur la photo devrais-je dire !

  2. so many flies down there? I hope the net works for you.

    The hole is scary… wouldn’t want to slip and fall.

    Nice pictures!

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