Braidwood road > Braidwood (93km, 7h)

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This day was a tough day and my legs will remindme it tomorrow. I’ve early the morning and cycle 7h, not in one shot of course but well, it’s one of my longest day ever if not the longest since I’ve been cycling around. The weather was very pleasant except the wind which was from the west all the way. Plus there was some dirt road but the quality was very good apart some few corogation, nothing dramatic. Let’s start from the beginning :-)



It’s 8am and I’m ready. The temperature is 13.6° which is… Not much. I’ve got my pullover but I’m pretty sure in 20mon I will have to take it of.


This maybe an hour later. Need some food, some stretching and let’s continue.


This is a big uphill, 12 to 16%. I won’t make it in one piece bit I will try.


From behind, I can see the ocean!


Another break. Bloody wind!


I’m not far from the top and I multiply breaks.


Whoua! This is a nice view after all that climbing.


I’ve ran out of water this time but with all the rain we had two days ago I can spot water at every corner of the road. This water is slightly brownish but my filter will make is clear and drinkable :-)


Ready for downhill!


This is 37km later, I’m in Nerriga and it’s just lunch time.


No need of this fortunately, mine is chocolate ;-)


Few! Good to eat! I got a drink from the pub, used the toilets and filled my bottles again. Everything is working out quite well.


Hop, on the road again. Broadwood is 55km away. I shouldn’t have too much hills now but we never know. If I can make it? I don’t know yet. I’ve got enough food for another night in the bush but my need of chocolate is coming!


First big river! I wish I could have the same one tonight and wash myself.


As I heard there is some dirt road along the way. This part will last 9km.



And more dirt road. This is actually the second part, longer than the first one (I feel) and with few corogation but that’s alright. Just this bloody wind on my face!


Finally I’m going to make it.  I’ve got 15km more to ride and I will arrive in Broadwood. I’m exhausted but I still have some energy left. The wind is now blowing on the side and does not make thinks easier. I will do it anyway!


It’s around 5pm now and the temperature it dropping slowly. I will reach my destination soon. Come on!


Another break… I feel like someone is watching me… ;-)


Whou! I did make it! Broadwood!


hmm, where are the shops? This is empty here. Ah, no, it must be on the other side of the hill.


Ah yes, better ;-)


An old building.


An hotel and the Broadwood museum.


Aaah that is the city center :-)


Some pubs around. I’m looking for a supermarket, where is it?

Finally I found it and I bought my reward : Chocolate! The next last step is to find a place where to sleep buy I should be easy. Good night!

3 thoughts on “Braidwood road > Braidwood (93km, 7h)

  1. The water filter is amazing! making that paddle into drinkable!?
    So, now you are away from the coast. I hope it is interesting road for you.

  2. Quel courage ! J’espère que tu as trouvé le supermarché, et un coin de rivière pour te laver, un coin au sec pour dormir !

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