Christchurch, spending too much money

Today I have to repair and buy many things on my bike. Josiane went yesterday in a good bicycle shop so I followed her advise. I have to repair a spoke, a gear cable, a fork cable. I have to buy a inner tube for my trailer’s wheel, maybe a tire as well, a new tire for the bike because the other one was too big. I will give it to Josiane.

I would like buying a new bottle because I lost one on the rainbow track… Maxime, I think I will need your help :-) Decathlon 4€ one bottle, here 50$… They are crazy!

Oooh, that’s a huge collection of Brooks saddles. Many people say it’s the best. But the price is the best too! At least, I can see them in real. I’m hesitating because I know I will travel for few years more and with that king of leather saddle the painful just disappear :-). That’s interesting. I will have a look on internet to compare.

175$ Aïe!

Bath street, that’s the one I have to remember for the next time, just in case :-)

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