Christchurch > Motukarara (38km, 2h)

Today I’m going halfway between Christchurch and Akaroa. So, I start with some pictures of the destroyed city but not too much because I feel guilty. There is a large contrast between the old collapsed buildings and the new ones. All the city is on work and the city centre is totally close.

Here, for sure, there is job to do but I want travelling a bit more before my next job.

This stadium is big but is it new or not? They should be fast to build something like that in one year.

Fiou! Nature again.

There is an artist somewhere :-)

That’s a cute restaurant and I don’t want to see the prices… Oh no.

I could go onto that mountain to rich my destination but flat is better for today ;-)

Hey, I found a lovely place and I think I will stay 2 nights here. It’s solo quiet with many space, I like it :-) and it’s free, hum… almost… ;-) And I found the cycle trail at 500m from here, just perfect!

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