Catlins, last day

Dunedin! That’s a big city but nice. The weather is getting better and better everyday


Before we are going to the information centre to ask about the penguins. The receptionist told us that we haven’t seen any penguins because there was a problem with the water. But if we are going to the peninsula and if we pay for a tour, we will see some. The less expensive tour is 45$. OK good buy :-)

We can visit a bit the city before going to the peninsula.

Building style.

Tag style, cool :-)

The city centre.

The train station.

The city centre viewed from the train station.

The train :-)

Taieri gorge railway unfortunately certainly expensive…

A street view.

Come back to Princes street to catch the car.

We are now driving along a beautiful scenery road onto the Peninsula. Dunedin is on the background.

This road should be perfect with a bike :-)

After 30 minutes driving we are now at the end. We could go further but we have to pay a tour for that. They are clever here. Penguins is nature but business is much more important.

Yesterday at this place, there was 123 penguins but it’s no the gods time to see them. We should wait until 8pm but it’s too late for us. Penguins will be another time. No worries…

When humans don’t respect nature. This lion sea is lying down surrounded by a dozen of people taking pictures every 1 second. But wait a minute, there is a fence few metres further and THIS lion sea is not behind. Maybe he likes being famous…

The peninsula is really fantastic!

Let’s go on the over side of the parking.

The lighthouse is not available to visit.

We have seen on this place an Albatross, big bird! I didn’t have the time to take a picture… Everybody now is waiting, ready to shoot!

The view is nice as well there.

I like this sky.

On the way back we have to stop again to see… that!

Cute little house.

There is another road passing through the summit of the peninsula. The view reminds me totally the Christchurch peninsula.

Same colours, same reliefs but still magic :-)

We finally quit Dunedin and the peninsula to reach our last visiting point of those three days of holidays. We are now in Moreaki where we can discover boulders :-) the famous ones I haven’t found it when I was in the Northland.

It seems that they are smaller than in the north island but they are still big enough to take a picture :-)

And more :-)

They were underneath the ground million years ago.

Wide view.

There are quite big :-)

Higher view.

Further view.

General view :-)


I simply like this one :-)

Out of subject but this van is one of the van that belongs to a rental company. Every paint is different and it’s difficult to miss them.

That’s it, holidays are finished and it’s time to come back :-) see ya!

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  1. Hey Damien! :o Sorry we didn’t get to say goodbye yesterday but maybe we will see you again sometime. :) We are in cromwell now. We will head out tomorrow if the weather is okay. Happy trails! ^o^

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