Catlins, second day

Yesterday, we didn’t see any penguins but we still hope to see some around because it’s not the only place in the Catlins. We finally decided to pass the night in the Curio bay doc campsite. Aaah, we are certainly lucky because the sun is coming back this morning :-)


We are onto a hill from where we can see everything like Curio Bay or…

… the campsite…

… the other side.

It’s a perfect place for the breakfast :-) and that’s our super car! Many thanks Lindsey :-)

For the next pictures if you roll the page fast maybe you will see a video :-) that’s a temporary solution during the time I get a good internet connection to upload all my videos.

Always the same kind of huge seaweed all around.

Interesting graphic rock shape :-)

Let’s go back to the car.

It should be somewhere :-)

We are now on the way to discover a falls but I don’t remember the name. Doesn’t really matter, this track is wonderful!

And the colours, the lights.

Oooh, it’s nice :-)

I found the manner to set my camera to catch the water effect, it’s nice.

And much better without tourists :-)

Macro nature

On the way back to the car.

We move again and we are now onto a short loop track around a lagoon.

Lost in the jungle.

It’s nice here but fresh!

5 minutes walking and we have reach the lagoon. This is the end of the visit.

Picnic place

This time I have the details, “Matai falls” :-)

The previews one was better.

OK, that’s it. Go back.

Purakaunui falls, the last falls of the day :-)

This one seams to be the biggest.

Nice :-)

We are now driving from Kaka Point to Nugget point.

The road is only gravel and it’s quite hilly.

Like this!

This place reminds me the east cape of north island.

Now we have to walk.


We are approaching.

And more and more.

It’s called the Nugget because of the many small rocky islands on the sea.



Yes, it’s windy and cold. I’m not totally regret to travel by car this time :-)

Almost the same picture but I wasn’t able to make a choice.

It’s really steep around us.

The light house!

And the nuggets :-). I’m hungry now.



The britany team :-)

This is wonderful!

The view toward the south from where we came.

On our way back, we stopped to visit another bay. Here, normally, we should see some penguins. Normally… This time we are ready! Wine, bread and butter :-) let’s too penguins!

OK… One more time and no more penguin than ever… Rah!


We are coming back to kaka point again. And the sun is coming back as well, good :-)

It’s huge, nice and quiet but chips are expensive here…

We asked the price of the campsite but it was too expensive for our budget. Let’s continue until Baclutha and we will see.

After 20 minutes driving we arrive in Baclutha. The campsite was still expensive but we found the perfect place next to a canal.

There is nobody here and a hill hide us from the city.

We just have some neighbourhoods :-)

Eating and eating.

They are silently coming like an army but just eating.

Baclutha city.

After that beautiful sunset, it’s time to eat and sleep :-) Tomorrow is our last visiting day and then we are going to come back to Clyde. The work is waiting for us :-)

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