Catlins, first day

Here we go! It’s Friday but we have day off. The season is reaching the end and there is not enough work for everyday. Lindsey, a guy we are working with proposed to lend us his car, that’s a good opportunity to visit around. We decided to have a look in the Catlins, the south east coast. The reputation of this place is rain so it’s better (maybe) to do it by car even if I would prefer to ride it… We start the trip by a hilly road surrounded by a dry landscape.


haha, it’s getting worst…

We are now in Gore, halfway toward Invercargill.

Hey, fortunately there is some coloured flags to increase the happyness of that city. It’s grey…

A standart new Zealand city, no more, no less.

Invercargill, a short visit.

The main street as strait as every classic city.

Did they wanted copying Napier?

The “moulin rouge”! Ah, non…

We leave the city toward bluff now that’s the bottom point of south island! Rah! I wanted to cycle to there…

We are getting close but the weather is not nice.

Bluff! Hmm hmm Cap Reinga was much more impressive.

This point is the beginning if the Catlins. From here we are going to visit all the east coast until Dunedin.

I would like to see that place with the sunshine.

Stewart island is front if us but my camera can’t see it…

This our place for the picnic, perfect before our expedition :-)

So, let’s walk a bit. There is huge seaweed all around. They are moving slowly with the waves.

The vegetation style :-)

Another one :-)

We can distinguished a bit the island this time.

The track is not finished yet. Big exercise today Fiou!

Stewart island.

A picture of Mathieu taking a picture :-)

Behind us…

The Catlins visit starts! First stop : Waipapā Point.

That’s much better than Bluff and bluff is not the bottom of south island. It’s the place for tourists…

Oh, a lion sea :-) it’s the first time I see one in a wild like this. This one looks pretty tired, hard life.

We are continuing toward the lighthouse because we have seen more lions sea there.

This lighthouse is made in kauri wood, the biggest tree of new Zealand.

Good view :-)

And that’s the rest of the family :-)

Still sleeping haha

A baby and his/her mother.

Life is hard, really.

To not disturbed them, the minimum distance is 10m.




Let’s have a turn around.

It’s nice as well here :-)


The windy human installation :-)

One of the huge seaweed.

The waves are angry.

On the ground there is this kind of strange seaweed.

They look like necklace.

We move again and we are now visiting Slope point.

Southernmost point of the south island of new Zealand. That’s the real one this time!

Huge landscape.

And rocky!

And grey! Where is the sun? Fortunately, there is no rain, ouf!

And we finished this day by Curio Bay where we should see penguins.

We are just in the right time table so they should come soon.

Still waiting…

And waiting since 40 minutes now…

… No penguins?

OK, Photoshop, help me! Aaah penguins :-)! It’s like everybody don’t care. Hey guy, look!

One thought on “Catlins, first day

  1. Hi buddy!

    It’s a shame! We saw some pinguins when we were at curio bay!

    We are actually at darwin! We up from perth in 1 month! It was awesome! But very very hot! And here it’s worst… Hot and humid! Don’t try to follow the west coast by bike! We start a new wwoofing from tomorrow until our departure to thailand on 18th!

    Take care my friend!

    See ya!

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