Casino > the new property (Upper Mongogarie) with Sue and Keith

Woooh! Hmmm I mean, wooooooh! I never seen a place like this! It a big HUGE mess and I will spend easely 3 months if I must organise all that stuff. Fortunately I love organised things :-) so, it’s a paradise for me hahaah :-)
This the entrance, the front garden of the property.

On the right side there is some shelter but still around there is stuff, baths on the ground, glass, tools, wood, tubes, doors, everything.

I continue the visit and we are going behind the house to enter by the kitchen. This is the backyard, lol. Wow! Here also! so much work to do!

The kitchen.

The living room.

The veranda.

It’s Saturday and o shouldn’t work today but I don’t want to wait and do nothing. I’ve seen many computers around and Kieth doesn’t know which one is working or not. I took four (there is one or two more) and installed myselft in the living room. Today I’m an IT guy :-)

5 thoughts on “Casino > the new property (Upper Mongogarie) with Sue and Keith

  1. Now I can see why they need wwoffers. :D
    Lot’s of work!

    Marco has come back, he had a great time in Broom.
    He had been working with a French young lady(from Lyon)
    at the zoo.
    Now I notice many French people in Australia, I didn’t notice before.

  2. Et ben toi qui n’aime pas le gaspillage tu es servi !! Remarque pour construire ton poulailler tu vas avoir tous les matériaux nécessaires apparemment et sans dépenser un sou ! T’es tombé chez les hippies ou quoi ? Lol

  3. I reckon they need more than ten people to organise the back yard :-) Its a massive work! You can do it SUPER MAN! :-)
    Have fun and have a good day!

    1. Hi Lucas, sorry for the super late reply. I’m not really taking care of my site since I’m not cycling around anymore, for now.
      You mean, you worked at Sue and Keith’s house? I haven’t seen any Donkey there.

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