Naughton gap road > Casino (16km, 55min)

Hey, my energy is back and I have less than 20km to ride today, easy :-) I’m gonna to discover the place and the family I will stay with because until I have just a few informations : a email address and a phone number. I don’t even know their names. At least the wife sent me the their address so I know where to go, cool!

I did a new experience last night.

I slept on a non flat ground…

…and without the rain cover because it was too hot. But I’m good :-)

I fixed a string line from the tree to > the back of the tent to > the fence to > the front of the tent to > my bike. It was not perfectly tensed but it worked.

After a short breakfast I’m hiting the road again. Casino is very close.

I arrived. It’s grey… I’m leaving! Nooo of course not :-)

Last checkpoint! This is the place.

Oh sorry behind me :-)

Finally I Sue and Kieth. They are leaving here for two weeks more. Tomorrow we will come to their new property, certainly the place where I will stay and work during three months. Tadadaaa, suspense! :-D

3 thoughts on “Naughton gap road > Casino (16km, 55min)

    1. Hello Zachary :-) This house was made very fast I think. Maybe from the outside it looks nice but if you look at it in details it’s fragile and broken.
      And yes, I was just wake up when I took the picture.

  1. Alors maintenant tu te mets en mode “dahut” pour dormir !Non mais je te jure, qu’est ce que tu vas inventer ! Lol. Bon j’espère que tu as dormi un peu quand même !!!

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