Uki > Naughton gap road (74km, 4h45)

This morning I woke up at 5:40am to cycle the morning and late this afternoon but something happened … I came back to Uki to wash my pots, my teeth (yes, yes), my hair and feel my bottles. Then I hit the road again, ready to enjoy this fresh time when…

… I’ve seen a cyclist right next to the spot where I slept last night. When I realised he was a traveller I couldn’t continue my way. His name is Stewart and he his from Australia, Victoria. No I don’t have his address ;-) Very nice guy :-) If I understood correctly he his cycling from Sydney to Brisbane. I should write this post straight away because I forgot the details already. Anyway, his is experiencing this travel style and enjoying it like I do. He would like to do it with his wife and one day with their kids. That’s a great idea, I like that :-) When I will come around Adelaïde, I will call him and we will cycle for a while together. Good plan but it’s not for tomorrow. See ya man :-)


I’m getting closer and closer of that mountain but I don’t want to cycle there please!

Aaah, finally I’m in the plain and the weather is beautiful.



How can they survive with that thick fur?!

Fun head :-)

Nimbin, the hippie village where everybody is drunk lol.

Aboriginal art (I think)

Artistic map.

I’ve stopped on the place on the left hand side and after few minutes a guy, drunk came to me. But surprisingly he was always in the subject even if his eyes was closed. He was even riding a skateboard on the street! He is nice but not normal I would say. I don’t know if it’s alcohol or drug but the result is wow!

Hippies shop. A woman walking on the street proposed me openly tome “herb”. The police station is just behind me but they gave up. It’s kind of allowed here. What a original place here!

Bob Marley could be happy here.

The multi-coloured house:-)

And I’m continuing cycling towards Casino. Finally I could be able to reach it today. I’m motivated! The road is easy and I’m going fast. Let’s try.

Arf! I was cycling, giving everything when I heard a woman yelling and waving her arms across the sky. Hmm strange… I stopped, listen. The woman is still yelling and I hear my name uh, I’m not sure but maybe it’s the family’s house. I know they are not living in casino so maybe it’s them and when they saw my bike they called me.
The woman came down with her quad during I was riding towards her as well. Then she told me : “there is nothing with you I’m sorry. My dogs (3 of them) are too friendly and when they see a cyclist they just run on the road”.
Me : “ah okay”. (Pff! Silly dog. But the house is like 300m away from the road onto a hill! It’s quite far. Of course of you yell like this you attract their attention. Anyway…) “good bye”.

Finally I continued until a hill bigger than the other and I gave up 10km before the end. I can’t ride that one today. No more energy. See you tomorrow.

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    1. Hmmmm nutella. The wife, Sue, bought some nutella when I arrived because she knew french like nutella ahah nice :-) I’m right now eating a nutella sandwich :-)

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