Casino, Swimming pool

Hey! It’s the weekend, the first one. Sue rented a car on Friday to move the big things from the “old” house to the new property but we had only one day. There is still so many things to move and we will do the rest with their car. Yesterday, Saturday, I should stay quiet around but I couldn’t resist and I arranged the garage of the first house during Sue and Keith was away. Surprise! It’s done. Sue feel guilty if we work too much but I don’t mind, I like organise :-)
Today it’s Sunday and this morning I cleaned the terrace this time :-) Now it’s swimming time with Jamie. I’m cycling and he is walking. There is not any other bike for him unfortunately. The problem is : the bloody birds! Between the house and Casino I’ve been pursue by 4 birds! Grr!

Yesterday I finally cut my hair :-) not perfect but good enough.

Hey! I have a swimming pool almost just for me nice :-) 30 minutes later Jamie came and slowly more and more kids arrived. Casino is not as dynamic as Cairns but at least I can swim. We decided with Jamie that we are gonna come here every weekend. Good exercise :-)

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  1. Dis donc, il y a bien du monde autour de toi !! Je fais le point : Sue, Keith, Jamie, la fille de Keith, Sébastien, Nicole … Ouf, je suis un peu perdue ! Tout le monde vit dans la maison au bazar ?
    Sympa la piscine ! As tu déjà utilisé le toboggan ? Il doit donner le tournis …aux enfants !! Lol

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