Upper Mongogarie, new room

Tonight we are going to sleep for the first time in the new property. We could even chose our room because we are not so many now. Sue and Keith used to have 11 wwoofers few weeks ago. Some was living here and the rest in Casino. It was certainly crazy.

Since few days we are driving between the two houses to move all the stuff. And with one car it’s long. This is my old room, empty. I used to sleep on my mattrees because we took the original mattrees to the new property.

The back terrace that I cleaned last Sunday morning. There is still some stuff to take.

The kitchen and living room, nearly done.

Fortunately the car is not so small so if we are good at Tetris we can put lots of things.

The garage that I cleaned on Saturday because we couldn’t walk through.

My favorite :-) they have more than 15 printers and no ink at all. So much waiste of plastic. I feel bad when I see that.

We came back to the new property with the car full. Then we could chose our room and organised it. I put many things away because there was no space. Now it’s nice :-)

We’ve got a wonderful view onto the crowded terrace that we organized with Jamie.

Yes, it’s crowded :-)

3 thoughts on “Upper Mongogarie, new room

  1. Eh Damien ! Ils t’avaient reconnus non ? Ils ont vu, tes nouveaux hôtes, que tu étais le champion du rangement! Pourtant, je te promet, moi, je ne leur avais rien dit !!
    Quel boulot déjà abattu dis moi ! Fais gaffe à ce rythme là, tu ne pourras pas rester 3 mois, tout sera fini avant l’heure. Remarques, tu pourras toujours remettre en état les vieilles imprimantes, ça te fera du taf ! Allez courage !

  2. You have a nice room now!
    (Huge upgrade compare to Cairn :D)
    I like the color of the walls,
    it looks cooler even it’s hot day. (Is it hot there?)
    Terrace will be cleared by the time when you leave.

  3. Hi Damien,

    Looks like a great experience ! When your ready to move south to Melbourne or North to Broome, give me a call.. I can put you in contact with some people ..

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